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To God be the glory and all praise to His Son Jesus.


A band playing some "secular" songs must affirm Jesus' lordship over their art.   Mirror Covenant is a Christian Gestalt-Rock band.   Gestalt-Rock spans the range from acoustic contemplation to metal rage. "Mirror" unites in a single frame things before and behind. "Covenant" symbolizes the commitment of the band, our relationship with you, and our unity with God through Jesus. A perfect mirror reflects so accurately it is forgotten. We must decrease, that the Word may increase.


coming concept album series

Quest To Be Whole


Several of Roy Stucky's books are available.


Truth War book cover higher resolution image

    Truth War is a stage play extrapolated
    from the U.S. Civil War.





Transapparent book cover higher resolution image

    Transapparent is a novel of development.





HWG Journal #2 book cover higher resolution image

    HWG Journal #2 is an anthology on the left
    pages and journal spaces on the right pages.
    The anthology entries are by
    Hutchinson Writers Group authors.




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