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This album stands for the connections joining the Body of Christ together.  We come together in love, and find the Body functions on a level far above the sum of its parts. Where a foot is deaf and a hand blind, the healthy Body runs and grasps and sees and hears under the authority of the Head.

The word "lattice" is not used merely for its allusion of "connected", but also for its flavour of "trellis", and thus "support".  We cannot ascend without support.  Jesus is the root of the Vine, the soil in which we grow, the air which we breath, the sun upon which we feed; and the structure that holds us up.  We exist to propagate the life of the root.  The central metaphor of this album is the Vine.  Without the vine, what use is a trellis?

God's way is multiplication. Good seed in due season returns many times what was planted. The grape vine extends this truth, in that the one seed that was planted can produce many seeds and fruit for one hundred years or more. But it takes years of skilful attention to bring a vine to full production.

This aspect sets the Lattice as the antithesis of the Tower central to the Epiphany album. The Tower burrows down. The Lattice lifts up. The tower is built. The Vine upheld by the Lattice is grown. The Tower carries living things inside. The Lattice carries living things on its exterior. In other words, the Tower surrounds life while the Lattice is surrounded by life. The business of the Tower is focused in upon itself. The business of the Lattice is focused up toward the sun. The Tower is a symbol of pride where the Lattice is one of humility. The Tower defies nature. The Lattice celebrates nature. The Tower consumes resources. The Lattice produces resources. The Tower is closed while the Lattice is open.

Another aspect of Lattice is the allusion of bower, and of a way up to a lover's room. This plays against the metaphor of the Bride.

01 - Not a Thing
If we follow the tone of the age which says religion is a private matter, if we do nothing, then we have been defeated.

02 - Tolerant People
If we tolerate everything, why are we here? Dare we stand silent when God commanded us to speak?

03 - Silence of Crowds
God knows the thoughts of men, that they are vain. The crowd has nothing to tell us about what is most important.

04 - Circus Wind
Pleasures blow away from us. We seek to circumscribe all things, only to find our circuit encloses nothing at all.

05 - Leaf in the Storm
The first autumn song. Here the leaves are ourselves. Unless we partake of the Vine, we are nothing. The powers of the world tear at us, seeking to rip us from the Vine.

06 - October Dream
The second autumn song. Here the role of the leaves is changed. In this song the leaves are temporary props to be discarded when it is time to draw what is vital down deep.

07 - Bird Cloud
The third autumn song. There is a strong leap tie back to October Dream's, "Autumn flag." The image of a bird cloud ties strongly to Looking Up. There is a strong sense of opening in October Dream/Dream Strider/Bird Cloud. The loneliness and isolation of the first five songs is reversed. Once we hit, "I can't tell who I am from what surrounds me," we become open to the possibility of deep connection.

08 - Dream Strider
"Buried runes" and "Future blooms" connects to October Dream's imagery of hiding the life in the ground. "Mountains" elevate the eye, so that a person sees the birds of Bird Cloud. Dream Strider's "memory rider" connects to Bird Cloud's "lonely winter's dream". It ties to Looking Up's description about how art, as in life, requires not only the right circumstances, but the right observer. The first several songs on the album warn against being passive. This theme that dominates the first half of this album is also referenced in the need to, "Leave the pack."

09 - Looking Up
Recognition must be preceded by observation. The Bible tells us where to look for God. If we refuse to follow the directions, is it any wonder we fail to see? There is a leap tie back to Dream Strider, in that we now meet the person waiting for us on the mountain.

10 - Haunted by Charlie
The recognition shifts to Charlie Gordon. The idea is that now I recognize myself, altered. I know I must help those who are now as I was in the past.

11 - Thin
We are close now. The barriers between the members of the Body of Christ are now beginning to be transcended. The harvest is at hand.

12 - Stasis Quo
Which means it is hardly time to stop now. Loops back up to the first song, "Not a Thing". I cannot stay Charlie Gordon. I must change and grow. I cannot leave others as Charlie Gordon. I must reach back to help, for the Bride is not leaving any member behind.

We will now pass through the album with a somewhat different frame of reference.

01. Not a Thing
If you wish to live in evil times, passively wait. Evil will find you. Soon.

02. Tolerant People
Do not buy into the lie that being passive is a virtue.

03. Silence of Crowds
The passive tolerant crowd will not even notice when evil befalls me.

04. Circus Wind
Instead, the crowd will be at Circus Maximus calling for blood.

05. Leaf in the Storm
The wind that gathers force while the crowd is distracted at carnival is tearing everything loose.

06. October Dream
But in the middle of the storm, Truth lives in the deep roots.

07. Bird Cloud
After the world has its way, all will appear dead. They mocked Jesus when He said, "She sleeps."

08. Dream Strider
It is time to bring that life up from where it has been hidden and protected.

09. Looking Up
Arisen from slumber, we recognize the Groom. He calls for us.

10. Haunted by Charlie
We must bring our weakness with us. Perfection will only come on the march.

11. Thin
The time is very near. The call is very clear.

12. Stasis Quo
The entrance to the realm of spiritual power is a tight fit. Your overstuffed recliner will not fit.

Another aspect of Lattice is to transcend the linear structure of the Quest To Be Whole series. In this context each song on the album represents an album.

01 - Not a Thing -- Predator (01) -- resist evil
02 - Tolerant People -- Void (03) -- stand for nothing
03 - Silence of Crowds -- Stranger (07) -- crowds
04 - Circus Wind -- Shards & Facets (05) -- distractions
05 - Leaf in the Storm -- Beyond Self (09) -- need connection
06 - October Dream -- Personal God (06) -- each individual voice
07 - Bird Cloud -- Generation (10) -- cold hearted theft
08 - Dream Strider -- Lattice (11) -- must be active
09 - Looking Up -- Compatriot (08) -- recognition
10 - Haunted by Charlie -- Deep (02) -- confront self
11 - Thin -- One (12) -- nearly there
12 - Stasis Quo -- Epiphany (04) -- need to escape

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