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Mirror Covenant is particularly vulnerable to being condemned as being too secular because in the Quest to be Whole album series, examination of worldly problems preceeds the Biblical solutions. With the story spread out over several albums, the first albums may seem entirely too secular. Conversely, the later albums may appear too religious.

This is a serious dilemma. While some in Christian rock may condemn a group for not being 'overtly Christian', the secular music industry will almost certainly condemn the same group for being too religious:  a classic Catch-22.

If a Christian artist wants to deal with topics to which both the saved and unsaved can relate, establishing a common ground of communication, that artist will risk being rejected by the Christian media. Yet the same work will almost certainly be rejected by the anti-Christian bias of the secular media, leaving the artist without a voice.

We attempt to deal with this dilemma by communicating our intentions to Christians so they will not judge us hastily. After all, who condemns a novelist for not telling the entire story in the first chapter?

We also believe we will not be censored because even our "not overtly Christian" songs are compatible with Christian doctrine. It would be quite another matter if some of our songs promoted illicit sex or drug abuse.

By communicating our intentions and avoiding heresy, we believe Mirror Covenant will be allowed to do its part to eliminate the "secular vs. sacred" dilemma that threatens to stifle Christian artists.

This dilemma also entices Christian artists to drop explicit Christianity for greater market access, since they are being forced to choose only one part of their identify, and may well choose to express the side that will make them rich. Christian media does not offer the traincar loads of money secular rock hands its top artists. If we do not even offer the advantage of true artistic freedom, we set our best and brightest up for a needless struggle to remain true.

The high variety approach we advocate is applicable here, as we will maintain a mix of 'sacred' and 'secular' songs on each album, though the ratio will vary widely. We live in this world even though we do not give it our allegiance, so the experiences of living in this world are part of our lives. We will not censor those experiences just because they do not fit a predefined 'Christian' theme.

Also note our solution does not depend upon secular media. We may well produce 'crossover' songs, but we do not base our plans on this. Christian media arose as a reaction to discrimination, and that discrimination appears to intensify daily, in part fueled by a twisted interpretation of the Constitution into a doctrine of 'separation of Church and State' that is a defacto ban on Christianity. Our plans must rest on our brothers and sisters in Christ, who will never censor something because it too clearly glorifies God.


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