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Series 1 Quest To Be Whole FULL SONG LIST with first line of lyric

  Air Inside The Bubble - It's time to save your soul because this world is going to burn
  Ambitious Though Content - Surroundings don't govern the state of my heart
  Amputation Animals - The furthest edge of visible
  Art of Pantomime - I exist with two dark ends
  As I Look - As I look upon this Earth
  Asylumthink - Names labels categories
  Avalanche - Dancing card kaleidoscopes have pulled me out of line.
  Avon in the Round - A single hand is raised

  Babel Upended - There was once a single tongue for every member of our race
  Back Room Invitation - I know that you have questions
  Beginning But No End - What has a beginning but no end
  Bird Cloud - The bird cloud waves its autumn flag
  Blind Hand - Many members, one plan
  Bottom of the Stair - There's a cloud that's floating in the sky
  Brave New Moreau - The fictional doctor immune to debate
  Bread Messiah - Seated on a lonely hill
  Breath of Life - All creation awoke on the sixth primal day
  Bury Each Other - I offered up my heart without fear holding any strings
  Bulletproof Men of Straw - A class of self-afflicted stones

  Cauldron - The war of words is not a game
  A Child's Dream - When I was a child
  Christ Divided - The love of Truth that drew us here
  Circus Wind - Beneath demands of rigid creeds
  Come Out - So long in design
  Corner of My Eye - The rhythm of my footsteps
  Curio Shop - The center of commerce slip shifted its weight
  Curse of Vision In Hell - Something's not right in this place
  Curve of The Earth - This rock feels the teeth of each drop of rain

  A Dancing Colt - I'm pushing at the borders that confine me
  The Dark Wall - There's a wall you can't see over
  Dark Illumination - I grew up knowing right
  Deep Beneath The Veil - The wind has scattered diamonds dancing wild upon the waves
  Donner Party and LA Riot - Tonight on different channels
  Dragon's Claw - Branches scrape across my face
  Draw Me Forth - The speaking of the strangers fall suddenly still
  Dream Strider - Do you see where mountains claw the skies

  Enter the Dragon - Events haven't turned as you planned them to flow
  Evening In Eden - The Promise arrives unexpected
  Extend The Song - Along the plains and mountains resting

  Falling - Another night I close my eyes
  Family Man - I'm no breeze
  Finest Hour - The lines are drawing clear
  Fingertip - Your fingertip approaches like a benediction sign
  Fossil from a Soul - Beyond a life what spark will last
  Four Walls - My longing ranges far

  Give Yourself - I've seen thirty thousand suns arise
  Ghost in Empty Clothes - The longing for the longing
  Ghost of Rome - The Ghost of Rome stalks us
  God Learned To Bleed - My time turns a page
  Gravity Well - My thoughts seem to chase one another around
  The Grove - Watch us redeem our choice

  Haunted By Charlie - He's staring in the window watching everything I do
  Hid Too Well - Alone in the kingdom I know as myself
  Highway Demons - Your hair was fine as the silken thread
  Hope of Our Future - Child of mine
  How Can I Do Less - For men without grasp of our history
  How Do I Know - Ruins of love remain from the search
  Human with a Cat - The film shown at eleven
  Humpty - Entropy's hold is sure as death

  If He Could - In the dark of the night I remember

  John 17 - Father the hour has finally come

  Kafka Fantasy - The sidewalk tells me where I ought to stand

  Leaf In The Storm - Color drain
  Let It Go - The pain that fills your eyes
  Lines of Love - Our voices join in praise
  Little Vision - With egos grown so heavy
  Lonely Flame - Do you know what it's like to be ugly
  Look - Disputes do not excuse us from commands to study Truth
  Looking Glass Self - I am
  Looking Up - I saw Salvador Dali in the clouds today
  Love Laid Down - The King of all

  Madcap Nominee - Today after today I live inside the life I sought
  Mary - Vision and emotion
  Medea Media - Coming home at night the lifted latches rise then fall
  Mirror My Old Enemy and Friend - Mirror my old enemy and friend
  Misasa Bridge - Tonight the report that I read
  Mobius - I thought this place was dull

  Needle's Eye - There is a gate in the inner wall
  Night Curtain - When night draws back the glowing veil
  Not A Thing - Political questions that frame our debate
  Not Flesh and Blood - Someone did me wrong the other day
  Nothing Short of Eden - The mirth of the world doesn't reach deep within

  October Dream - In a land where dusky golds and red float
  Open Your Heart - This age drives by in haste

  Pardon - Between all the puppets asleep on their feet
  Pearl Smoke - Moonlight fog like pearl smoke has wrapped around my window
  People You've Met - The length of the road makes it seem like a dream
  Perhaps Then - I wish I was sitting on a lighthouse ledge
  Plain In View - I know you feel like you're alone
  Practice Beast - The cult of personality's not easy to escape

  Rip It Out - What's here now flows from all that came before

  Season of Sword - The clamor for harmony makes such a din
  Secret Flame - Mines where greedy metal sleeps
  Signal Flare - A rebel mob has seized the crown
  Signature - The Earth turns it's face to gaze upon the moon
  Silence of Crowds - The summons to arms creeps and cries at my feet
  Silver Light - Silver light and all alone
  Similarities - The jewel that burns before our eyes
  Sinai's Mountain - The vision that has changed you
  Sky of Smoke - Some lives are seen through clean air
  Sleeping Silent - I've been called so often to brave the climb
  Sleeper's Lament - A vapor has lifted
  Solid Core - The grass is pulsing green beneath the rain
  Song Before Gethsemane - Feast in a rented room upstairs
  Sphere of Soul - The people around are as hidden as you
  Standing Stone in Winter - The storm that lies between us gleams
  Stasis Quo - The basin's overflowing with your last reserve of tears
  Stem Sell - Bring about a life
  Still Feel the Stone - I walked up to the temple
  Surprised & Incomplete - I don't know what to say to you
  Swallowed Everything - Hedonism shriveled to

  Take Wing - Love song flow
  Tears for My Totem - Tears for my totem
  Thin - The walls are very thin
  Things and Thoughts of Time - The clock that blinks upon my shelf
  This Generation - I grew up shut up
  This Stolen Vision - The Garden of God was the place I belonged
  Thorn - The world has been tipped and we cling to the slope
  Thrown Away - From fingers hanging down
  Time To Turn Around - The golden age is not ahead
  Tolerant People - Another wave
  Touch His Face - I tried so hard to talk to you
  The Tower - Believe only in touch
  Transcend - Perhaps the things which you've been taught

  Underground Life - Planted in my underground life

  Volcano and the Sea - Fire seems invincible when tearing through the streets

  Wake Up - You never know you've been asleep
  Walls Made of Glass - Sunrise breaks the darkness
  Washed - The sky
  We Like Our Heroes Dead - The hunger for what's solid
  What Became - What became of the child
  Where Do I Belong - The questions at midnight emerge from the gloom
  Wizard's Gown - Manifold trade routes are blazing

  Years - Once I'd struggled to the summit of heaven

Series 1 Quest To Be Whole FULL SONG LIST with first line of lyric
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