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Wrest from the Quest
with first line of lyric


This page lists the songs that thus far have no album home.

Over the years several of these songs have been assigned to particular albums in the Quest to Be Whole series. Consequently, their pages may contains header links that are no longer accurate. You should simply use the Back button of your browser to return to this page when ready to continue the journey.


  212003 - Reminders of danger stream over our head

  Acoustic Shadows - I heard that a show could be seen here today
  All I Ever Touch - My vision is haunted by shadows that speak
  All Things New - Our hands in the air
  Altar Angel - A liquid sun is dripping off the sky
  And Nature Laughs - Of course we'll conquer Nature
  Armageddon Calls the Crow - You tell me I'm to stand up straight and wait 'til you have dined
  Arrive - Pull me quite outside myself
  Arrogant Slime - How can it be
  Awake - Awake I see I've been asleep

  Back To The Light - When my life goes astray
  Before The Father - Perspectives unravel for those who will travel
  Before You're Dead - I pray
  Believe - Disbelief will lay you down
  Between Blackbird - Born between blackbird conception and flight
  Blink From a Tear - I am glad I'm alive
  Book Burning - Book-burning casualties of style
  Borders Are Closing - Rings in the heavens
  Borrow More - Live life to the max
  Brink - I don't know why my sight is out of synch

  Calling Out the Modern gods - All the years of blended vision
  Candle - I did not choose to come here
  Canyon Nation - Aged winds have overpassed.
  Chalcedony Seas - Balance in motion is turning around
  Change Is Coming - Change is coming hear me now
  Changed - All the love I tried to make
  Choose to Fly - Nimbus crags
  City Lines - I work inside the city lines
  Come to Rest - Betraying style
  Crater's Rim - The crater's rim

  Disaster's Autograph - Carved upon a tombstone's cheek
  Discovering David - Beyond the door behind a store
  Disturb the Waters - Under cover at the party
  Dinner Party - The social dance in mask and cape
  Don't Dance - Leave the situation alone

  The Echo - Beautiful songs
  Edge of Each Adventure - I caught a breath
  Elect - Talk about what lies beneath the surface
  Emerald Machinations - Covert operations will begin at dawn
  Empty My Hands - I know this world is not my home
  Encounter - My life is seen receding
  Every and Each - When the beat of my heart
  Every Deadly Game - Kids with money
  Exhausted - My corners of elbows are rub polished smooth

  Fate's Disguise - The lamp fills the street with those muscleshirt boys
  Fold - If you choose not to fly
  Forefather's Corner - The woods by day are lazy
  Freak Show - Out on the edge of our culture
  Full - When the morning arrives with its fife and its drum

  Genius - There's a wisdom robot thinkers think that they no longer need
  Gentle Man - Look what Adam sold
  Go Buy Some Clothes - I hear you saying how you're
  Going Back - In a tumult
  Gold Bites the Dust - A youth of frustration becomes good old days
  Greed - Greed

  Hand Upon the Water - Close to the surface
  Hanging - I am hanging by a ledge
  Head Lines - A modern man's vow comes out already broken
  Head On - We try to meet the critique head on
  Him Whom My Soul Loves - Upon my bed at night
  Hive Waking Hum - The glorious sounds of this music
  Hours & Days - Our time we spend because we must

  In Though Expected Out - The visor on the helmet opens west into the sky
  Inside of the Mask - The maelstrom that emerges when I close my eyes
  The Island - We are weary to the bone of fighting

  Join Me - I feel so full I'd like to shout

  Kiss the Chip - Icons casting down their crowns

  Land of Lines - I cross this land of lines
  Latchkey - When I get home the house is empty
  Layers of Lives - The rational man with the razor blade mind
  Life's Mosaic - Life's mosaic has many parts
  Little Mad Architect - One little mad architect
  Locked But Not Lost - Today is the loom
  The Locked Door - Content in the dark of my monastery
  Lost & Found - Nature raised a finger

  Maligned - After all of my adventures
  Marionette Minuet - It's another Friday night
  Masqueman Shuffle - Take an expectation
  Meaningless - Where once he searched for answers
  Morning - Morning light
  Mosaic Man - Disembodied like a voice across a phone
  Mud - When you were young
  Music In Collision - Music in collision
  My Cynic Eyes - Through all the weeping scars that my trust had to earn
  My Red Dress - I have a red dress

  Ocean of Our Pain - The spin while Iím descending adds confusion to the fall
  One Mask at a Time - Life has got you thinking
  Only Room I Know - The only room I know
  Ostrich Society - Freedom of information

  Party Lines - The liberty that blood was shed to win
  Passing to the Right - I'd tell a worthy story
  Passtimes - They can take me higher than I knew how to go
  Performers - Time travel people lost
  The Pit - Looking through the dark
  Plague of Buffoons - Each day as experience gains a new rung
  Plains of America - I stand on the plains of America
  Please Explain - One night I came home to find you had gone
  Promised Brand - The rain is like a leaping dog
  Psalms 91 - Those who stay
  Projections - I hear my thoughts so clearly
  Push My Discontent - The grind has scraped a wound that will not go away

  Receipts - The time has come when I must stand alone
  Red Moon Rising - There is a red moon rising
  Return to the Garden - There is no more need to talk
  Room Full of Ashes - Through darkened halls I step into

  Sailing for a Season - The rolling of grain being touched by a shore
  Sand Machine - The camera cannot capture
  Season of Destiny - Years like a glacier and flood have passed by me
  See Absurd - The mountainside is far from me
  Second Hand Cassettes - There's a lamentation silently arising from a tomb
  Seed of Peace - Those who stay
  Self-Made Men - Make way for Self Made Men
  Shield - Loneliness can flow together
  Shrapnel - I know the depth of darkness that consumes your self control
  The Shot - The jester rose to great applause
  Shoves on Your Face - The wind that shoves on your face can make you fly if you spread your wings
  Sight of God's Back - The crack in the wall is a temporary thing
  A Single Heart - Lord, should I sing of peace
  Snip - Give and take is culture
  Soap Bubble Dream - Last night I saw the tally of another man's poll
  Society of Despair - Say wait 'til I'm older
  Sonar of Souls - The water a stone will displace
  Sonic Dreamscape Voyager - The sunset highway played a rhythm
  Spark Begets Flame - If you want to take action
  Spirits - The dancers augment their commute
  Standing Army - Keep them standing row on row
  The Star - When unknown
  Strange Little Secrets - A cave in the hillside spans layers of time

  There's a World in Here - There's a world in here
  Thrice Denied - A fallout shelter's grey steel doors
  Time In a Spiral - I'm up before the sun
  Travelogue - I thought that the halls were constructed of stone
  Triggers Mine - Lately days have
  Tyrants Dream of Moses - Power is liquid that finds every crack

  Unity's Rainbow - The road to reunion has never been paved

  Vain - They swing among the youth

  The Water's Skin - I am looking for a passageway whose doors don't close
  Were Confrontation - The scratching at the windows
  What Will Come - I heard the news without surprise
  Wisdom Reflected - Books in a bag
  Wise Iconoclastics - Wise Iconoclastics

  Your Face - The first time I saw your face

  Zion High - Ascended to the penthouse


Wrest from the Quest
with first line of lyric

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