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Room Full of Ashes
© September 1985, Roy Stucky

Through darkened halls I step into
A room within my heart,
Full of the ashes
Of my love for you.
A room of cold remains
That slip right through my grasp,
Leaving only stains.

Mountains strode near,
Fountains flowed clear before the flame.

Here, all that remains
Is a wasteland terrain -
Choking dry dust where
No life is sustained,
Mocking the castle
No hero could hope to regain.

Oh! My bright hope.
Far away gleam -
Star - Unseen.
My view of endless scope
For sharing my dream.
My - Dream.

Now, castles lie on shattered ground.
Scented air now holds no sound
Of your laughter.
Once my gift burned
In your cold arson's flame,
No finger pointing blame
Could help us be the same.

Mountains strode near,
Fountains flowed clear before the flame.

Once your image was so bright
Its glory filled my mind.
But dancing with joy
I turned back to find
You'd set it afire
Then left me forever behind.

This symbol on the door
Now looks profane.
So - So profane.
I pass by in the hall and
Sorrow at the change.
The - Change.

This song ties back to "Dark Illumination" in the metaphorical sense of betrayal, i.e. that he'd been betrayed by the world's 'enlightenment'. In a way the two entire albums lock together on this point, in that Beyond Self is moving the imagery from the abstract to a concrete person. This album also ties into the metaphor shot through the Old Testament prophets, namely Israel's adultery of idolatry.