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Before the Father
© October 29, 2007, Roy Stucky

Perspectives unravel for those who will travel
Outside of their comfort zone.
To think a new way means that even my day dreams
Are willing to stand alone
Before the Father.

The aggregate vision unlocks little prisons
That isolate all we know.
The view life assembles will hardly resemble
The child who began to grow
Before the Father.

Come risen Savior Who knocks at my door.
Open my eyes to the cost of my war.
You'll never hurt me or lead me astray.
Only the foolish reject what you say.

Though Truth is unbroken we hold but a token
Awaiting the King's return.
So while we are waiting it's worth someone stating
There's more here that we can learn
Before the Father.

Oh Father in Heaven we come to Your Throne
Knowing a fraction of how we are known.
The Love that You give is a river of Light
Filling the wasteland we've made of our lives.