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Blink from a Tear
© July 13, 2007, Roy Stucky

I am glad I'm alive
And can laugh with some friends
As I touch deeper joys
Than my sight comprehends.

Then a sudden time turns,
Then a moment goes strange.
This is when a man learns
How an instant can change.

I'm one blink from a tear
Though I rarely know why.
While some answers appear
There are few I apply.

There's a well underneath
Of a depth no one knows.
Without warning it stirs
Then the deep overflows.

From a river's dry bed
By a castle of sand,
There are channels my head
Simply can't understand.

I'm one blink from a tear
At what enters my eye,
And some words that I hear
Make the wizard's fool cry.

A gossamer veil
Let's emotions break through
To tilt at the scale
With a turn of the screw.

The flood can tear my buildings down
By falls from higher ground.
A storm inflates the river's rate
And spins my world around.

I'm one blink from the tear
That the harlequins hide
While our hope and our fear
Tumble hearts on their tide.