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Second Hand Cassettes
© 2008, Roy Stucky

There's a lamentation silently arising from a tomb
Where a spirit has discovered late the meaning of his doom.
Those behind the rope that cordons off the stars of the premier
Are the ones who've been convinced to purchase much of what they hear.

Far away a young man listens to some second hand cassettes
That transport him from the darkness to a sun that never sets.
Like a nova that's exploding jagged fragments into space
Shrunken souls can't see society when looking at their face.

In the multitude of teachings we endured while we were young
What we often failed to ponder was the power of our tongue.
Though we hide among the crowd we'll one day face the Lord alone
When He sits to judge the souls who've yet to bow before His throne.

Now the young man has his hand upon the music pulse control -
He has learned that nothing comes if you refuse to pay the toll.
When you touch upon some tenderness expecting to be cut
There's a moment's opportunity to open what's been shut.


Couplets relate 1st and 2nd stanza.
1-ignored salvation, 2-could gather to worship men, 3-Truth, though unfashionable, is not hidden, 4-our culture is broken by selfishness, 5-confession to salvation, 6-one day the Bright and Morning Star will invert things by looking at you, 7-to live you must sing the song of Life, 8-when you encounter God's mercy, you have the chance to bow and accept it, to pass in at the Life Gate.

This lyric was written May 23, 2008.

Included in the novel, Transapparent.