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© April 1988, Roy Stucky

All the love I tried to make -
Fell right through.
The gifts my pride would try to take
Left a poison residue.

Then I turned my face to see
Jesus' open arms.
The God of Life has set me free
From death's old law and agony.

Though the world's the same
To what I once disdained.
Found no treasure
In empty games.
I'm changed.

Once I learned just Who to seek -
All was clear.
The former slave can finally speak
Truth to those with ears that hear.

God made us a holy vow
He'd reward our trust.
His power grows to show me how
To teach what God's Love will endow.

Though the world's the same.
To a higher plane
Beyond the measure
Of an empty game.
I'm changed.

Each day God's love makes me whole -
Dead to sin.
Where jagged shards had split my soul
Jesus' light now shines within.

All my sin had lost
Has now been found.
Jesus paid the cost
So I'm not bound.

Jesus is His name.
Set free from shame.
Quit seeking pleasure
In those empty games.
I'm changed.


This song is that where she was once clothed with the fake regal robes that were really filthy beggar's rags, Jesus washed her and clothed her with His glory. The old games and thrills hold nothing for her when compared to the genuine value she has now through the gift of the Lover of her soul.

This song is about the experience of salvation through calling upon the name of Jesus and bowing the knee to His Lordship.

"Love I tried to make" is that I tried to follow the world's instructions on how to attain love and Truth.

"Fell right through" is that these attempts were a disaster.

"Gifts my pride would try to take" ties back to the concept of the Predator album, in that the world's instructions told me to take what I needed.

"Left a poison residue" is that the violence inherent in this creed destroyed everything I touched, leaving only frustration and embittered longing.

"Jesus' open arms" is that Jesus stands ready to give to those who will receive rather than take from those who need.

"Death's old law and agony" is that the Law, salvation by works, was precisely this kind of frustrating quest.  Where I tried to earn salvation I found only the death my corruption has earned.  But the gift of life in Jesus is that I receive His reward instead of the Hell I deserve.

"Changed" is that I am a new creation in Christ Jesus.

"Though the world's the same" is that my rebirth does not change the world.  What has changed is me.

"To what I once disdained" as being foolish superstition.

"Empty games" is that search for the treasure of Heaven through my own merit.  This also connects to Every Deadly Game.

"Who to seek" is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

"Former slave" is that I am no longer the slave of sin, and have been given God's Word to pass on to anyone else who would be free.

"Reward our trust" is that God has promised to respond to faith.

"Higher plane" is that God is a spirit, and those who would worship Him must do so in Spirit and in Truth.

"Makes me whole" is that God's love sought me out, enables me to be whole, and motivates His work in my soul to bring me into fellowship with Him.

"Jagged shards had split my soul" are both the broken pieces of my former dead soul, and the agony my sin wrought.  "Split" is thus used to mean both 'divide' and 'lacerate'.  This line ties back to the concept underlying the Shards & facets album.

"Jesus' light" is not just illumination, understanding.  His light is alive.  Another symbol used in Scripture is 'The Breath of God'.  That is why 'living soul' in the Word means 'breathed being'.

"Not bound" is that Jesus set me free from the chains of Sin and Death.

"Free from shame" is that is no condemnation to those in Jesus.