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Of course, the bread and circuses (panem et circenses) of keeping the Roman population quiet.

"Rigid creeds" are the doctrines based on works, where we do something to earn passage to Heaven or nirvana or bliss or enlightenment. These systems tie back to the line in Mirror My Old Enemy And Friend about the "thunder of great thoughts".

"Made me bleed" is that when I try to work my way to Heaven, the travails never seem to be quite enough to get there. This also relates to God Learned To Bleed in that the only way to Heaven is by accepting what Jesus did when He bled in our place.

"Detail deeds" and "thorns rise" refer to the parable of the Sower, where thorns make the seed unfruitful. We seem to find it easier to rise in a burst of valor against a sudden crisis than to hold our resolve against a long stream of minor detail distractions. It also refers to the vain attempt to gain salvation by works. It also ties to Give Yourself and it's image of working hard to solve the wrong problem.

"My deepest need" is for grace, because salvation cannot come from works, from deeds. Human creeds take the need we have for God and use it to enslave us. In the allegory this is the need to see the Tower project is a fatal deception.

"Question quested" is seeking, looking everywhere for the meaning of Life, and finding the answer is nowhere in sight.

"Saw the height" is seeing how far I must go to reach God. An impossible distance. It ties back to Falling in that my wings avail nothing. In the allegory it is the young builder's fear when looking up at the height he had to climb to get out of the pit.

"Ran in fright" is how often I fled the realization of my own corruption.

"Bowed my head" plays on doing this first before my inadequacy and later to Jesus' sufficiency.

"Sorrow's tears" at my corruption and inability to save myself. This ties to the call of Season of Destiny.

"Roman" just for a bit of a change from all these Greek references.     :-)

But seriously, Rome is alive and well in the USA, where we use a host of laws to try to bring order to the social realm. But it does not take much discernment to see that many situations cannot be solved, at all, by legislation.

"Weeping" is that if you do not understand why Jesus was a man acquainted with grief and sorrows, take a look at the world around you. There is pain enough for all. But in fleeing pain and sorrow, our culture has gone to the Coliseum, where everything of great worth is glibly wagered on a contest of no importance. The hubris of our activity serves merely to cloak human impotence. Here the cycle returns to looking at the world as in Dark Illumination, but deeper now because the evil within is seen to be universal as well as personal.

"Shorn of any trust" is that our child-like trust in others has been torn from us like wool cut from a sheep on the way to slaughter.

This line also cuts to the heart of our approach to life. Do we believe existence has meaning and purpose? Neither meaning or it's lack can be 'proven'. So in the end it comes down to trust. To accept life as being meaningless is at root a lack of trust. When we apply trust to God, it is called faith.

"Earth still spins" ties back to As I Look and Curve Of The Earth.

"Isolation" ties back to Art of Pantomime.

"Manipulation" ties back to Greed.

"Twisting" ties forward to Family Man.

"Labels" ties back to Asylumthink. Yet our reality is being "made in God's own image".

"Leisure" ties to Passtimes.

"Eternal" is that people live as if they will never die, ignoring the existence that really will never end.

"Insight" is that we think we are terribly clever with our missiles and computers and biohazards, but have no meaning.

"Desperate poor" is that God is not a myth made up by life's losers to give themselves an opiate.

"Veil" is the veil of the temple that was torn top to bottom when Jesus was crucified, showing that God no longer keeps Himself to a temple made with hands, but instead makes His dwelling in people's hearts.

"Truth ignite" is drawn from the Scripture that the righteous will shine like the sun.

"Darkness crying" ties to the Scripture that the people dwelling in darkness have seen the Great Light.

"Brings no rain" is the promise of the modern society unfulfilled, but it's inherent destructive nature manifest. This ties back to Falling.

"Lord from" is Jesus laying aside His majesty for the role of servant. This stands for Jesus as man.

"Lord of" is Jesus returned to His glory, with a name above all names. This stands for Jesus as God.

Were Jesus not fully man and fully God, there would be no redemption through Him. Were He not fully man, He would have no legal status on this Earth, and would not be able to die. Were He not fully God, He could not redeem anyone, because no man is able to lay down his life then take it up again.

"Born to the chain" ties back to the chains seen in Falling.
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