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This song is hard to describe because at it's core it is an experience of wordless longing evoked by a midnight walk in the country. The experience resembles what C.S. Lewis called 'joy'.

Here I open myself to the light without the fear, as I look beyond the often hostile details of the created to the love and wisdom of the Creator.

"Glowing veil" is the reflective blue of the sky during the day which closes off our view of the stars.

"Embarks upon a trail" into contemplation. The image here also ties to the tail of a comet and the orbit of the Earth, to looking on the ancient light of stars in contrast to the present light of the Sun.

"Trembling dark" is that the Earth at night is not sterile, not still, but filled with a different set of living things. The pulse of life does not sleep.

"Talks in it's sleep" about it's Creator. In sleep and its dreams, the ancient past and the anticipated future are brought into the same plane, mirror-like.

As an aside, the breathing of the Earth in it's sleep has a literal counterpart, in the rise and fall of carbon dioxide over the seasons based on the cycle of plants.

"It's own spark" are the stars. I believe night, before the Fall brought about the poisons that necessitate sleep, was for the contemplation of infinity. Original Rest. I believe dreams are pale shadows of this Original Rest.

"Calls me to the deep" is the mind of Christ, the deep Heavenly perspective.

"Feel the ages stretching back" is that in moments like this, the ancient seems recent and the recent yellowed with age.

"Pierce my mind" is that the cosmos breaks in upon my self centered view.

"Shining lack" of depth. In the day the sky is a nearly opaque blue, and thus shuts us off from the celestial infinity. At night we see what is invisible to the earth-bound perspective. The idea here is that the business of the daily world represents a turning inward from the reality of the cosmos around us.
In a manner of speaking, waking is falling asleep.

"Looking up and back in time" is to experience the longing of being at once pulled by an ancient past and a tremendous present. So too, the light of the stars is ancient, but I experience that light in the here and now. If we are the only intelligent life in the universe, and we may well be, then only here does the falling light evoke remembrance deeper than memory.

"Tidal pull" is an image of the moon, whose gravity produces tides, as a metaphor of how the endless distance of space and the enormous heavenly bodies in it pull me out of myself, and ties to "the deep" seafaring imagery.

"Unlace" connects to the cables trailing from Ahab's lost harpoons.

"Strangely dim" is how shadowy and unfamiliar common objects appear at night when the details are masked. It is surprising how much detail is required for recognition. You experience this when you mistake someone at a distance for someone you know. You approach until the differences overcome the similarities.

"Grim ancient face" is the dimming of what seemed hard and cruel about life, running back to the beginning of history. I do not see the daily details of the struggle, but rather the shape of the wonder.

"Spirit flies" ties to flight, but this time not in hubris, but in humility at the vastness, called out rather than setting out from my own corrupt motives.

"Where Earth becomes the sky" is flying in mind out to the horizon, where the stellar and earthy meet, where the ancient and present join. This is a metaphor of how humanity stands between heaven and earth.

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