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Song 6 - Organ Bank

© 2007, Roy Stucky and Mike Vogt

Organ Bank
Chains clank
Inside a Chinese prison.
Organ Bank
Front rank
Of gunpoint acquisition.

Organ Bank
Flesh tank
With living ammunition.
Organ bank
Too frank
To make tonight's edition.

Catalog features instead of real men.
Locked in a pantry like sheep in a pen.
Parts for replacement awaiting their turn.
Hornet stung stasis awaiting the worm.

Organ Bank
Knives sank
With medical precision.
Organ Bank
Who drank
The hemlock Red nutrition.

Organ Bank
Please thank
The Communist physician.
Organ Bank
Face blank
Inflicting each incision.

Bargains for sale on a Red China page,
Fresh like a lobster that's trapped in a cage.
Row after row holding former state threats.
Specifications are easily met.

Organ Bank
Each franc
Has bought a politician.
Organ Bank
Which stank
Of favored recognition.

Organ Bank
Walk the plank
To feed the shark's commission.
Organ bank
Turning crank
Of China's inquisition.

Soon they will offer your choice of short straw.
Power from pistols is no logic flaw -
Science abused as the poets foresaw.
Maybe they'll stop if we pass a new law.

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Perhaps the mostly ghastly crime of Red China is to use human beings as unwilling organ donors. Yes, you read that right. Red China keeps people alive in prison until their organs are needed, then kills them (if the "donor" is lucky) in the process of removing the prisoner's organs. These organs are used not only for transplants needed by the elite of the Communist Party, but also for transplant tourism. Yes, people from all over the world come to China for organ transplants.

Given the difficulty of finding a suitable organ match in the West, the significantly greater cost, the long waiting periods, and the possibility the recipient will die before receiving a Western transplant, the "tourists" do not seem too inquisitive about the source of the organ.

The truth of such ghastly work can hardly be doubted. In 2007 Red China said it would stop using the organs of executed political prisoners in transplants. Unless the prisoners consented. Here was both the admission they had been doing it, and the loophole to keep doing so.

But it was also a meaningless gesture. Though they deny it, Red China is now obviously using the organs of people imprisoned for belonging to Falun Gong. There are so many people in prison for belonging to this religious movement that there is no need to use the organs of the comparatively few political prisoners under sentence of death. Again, comparatively few. Red China has thousands of political prisoners, but far more religious prisoners for the "crime" of Falun Gong.

"Tonight's edition" is that this atrocity is so disgusting people do not want to believe it is true. The same attitude confronted those who described the Holocaust before Allied troops liberated the very camps dismissed as mythical.

"Catalog" is that Red China even advertised being able to match tourists in two weeks or less. While I am sure this was good for business, it was not well thought out if they wished to avoid betraying the source of the organs.

"Hornet" is that this warehousing of living human beings to create a commercial inventory of spare parts reminds me, hideously, of how a hornet stings its victim, then lays eggs in it so that when the eggs hatch they have a paralized living creature to devour.

"Hemlock" is a reference to Socrates.

"Franc" is not only that Western acceptance of such behavior has been bought, but also is a wordplay on 'frank', which our politicians are not.

"Favored" is that such a nation has been granted not only most favored nation trading status, permanantly, but also made a member of the WTO (World Trade Organization). No harlot has less shame.

"Pistols" is that we are funding an enemy of humanity itself. Eventually they will get around to you.

"Science abused" is that plenty of people warned organ transplantation would create a market that would lead to exactly this type of crime against humanity. That 'science fiction' scenario now has a science fiction criminal to bring it to pass.

"Law" is that while they are chopping up warehoused people for spare parts, we can barely manage to even work up the courage to scold them a little. Heaven forbid we get off our knees and do something to halt this atrocity. It is a terrible thing to say, but perhaps the reason we do next to nothing to even condemn Red China on this point is related to the age of the people who run the legislations of the free world. Since they are a mature group, maybe they want to keep their personal options open.

What can be said of a regime that has such utter disregard for humanity? Can you negotiate with it? If by negotiate you mean bow down and bare your neck. People in the West, raised on the concept of human rights, are loath to do the dirty work of seeing the world through the eyes of monsters who view the organs of living human beings as a market opportunity. Yet failure to look through such eyes prevents us from understanding what Red China is doing.

One more point. China is a nation with a multi-thousand year history. A nation like the U.S.A. has been in existence for fewer hundreds of years. Further, the West has humiliated China in the past. Red China is heir to both an arrogant and a revenge view regarding the West. This plays into China's racism. If such a nation is eager to treat Chinese people in this fashion, a person of another race or nationality should tremble to think what Red China would be willing to do to them. If this seems alarmist to you, do some research about the sort of message the state media in Red China drums into its population regarding other nations.

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Song 6 - Organ Bank
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