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Song 11 - Berlin

© 2007, Roy Stucky and Mike Vogt

Berlin '36 in 2008.
So let's celebrate 1984.
Behind every door is a plainclothes cop
So you'd better stop all your Western tricks.

Berlin '36 in 2008.
You'd think we'd have learned from our last mistake.

Berlin '36 in 2008.
Prepare to create the great cold cash war.
Like pageants before all the world's a stage
To show off the cage global trade can't fix.

Berlin '36 in 2008.
You'd think we'd have learned from our last mistake.

How quickly 1989 is forgotten -
Their hand is rich but their heart is rotten.

Parades seem to tramp out the grapes of hell
When shown in a China Red prison cell.
The sharp dressing killers like holding court
Where cameras are trained on the love of sport.

Berlin '36 in 2008.
You'd think we'd have learned from our last mistake.

Your lies.
Sieg heil
You smile.
Blind eyes
Cash prize.
Who wins?

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The Olympics held in Berlin in 1936 were a public relations triumph for Hitler and Nazis Germany, Jesse Owens notwithstanding. Were spiritual blindness not endemic to the human condition, it would be unbelieveable that we learned so little from that debacle that we will repeat it even 72 years later.

"Prison cell" is how ghastly it is going to feel for the political prisoners in Red China when the TV shows the powers of the world coming and kissing the ring of the tyrants who imprisoned them. Were you in that cell, might it not destroy your last shred of hope?

"Holding court" is that tyrants from Nero to Hitler to Stalin have always loved the pageantry of power. In 2008 the world will give the despots who rule Red China a banquet of such affirmation. And in a vast irony, the nation surely at the forefront of doping and every other form of sports cheating will be allowed to host games under the following oath:

"In the name of all the competitors I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, committing ourselves to a sport without doping and without drugs, in the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honor of our teams."

Ah yes, for the glory of sport.

It is also interesting to note the first Olympic Games to be broadcast live on television were in, you guessed it, 1936.

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Song 11 - Berlin
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