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Song 4 - Scapegoat Murder

© 2007, Roy Stucky and Mike Vogt

Red China shot a bullet in the brain
Of the leader whom they chose to take the blame.
Their cover-up is murder by a nicer sounding name.
That gunshot's just a rattle of the chain.

The killing fits the pattern of their crime -
The mafia masters of all time.
Their fraud in billion dollar stacks, they shot him for a dime.
His silence now conforms to Party lines.

Scapegoat murder -
Poison more than food.
Scapegoat murder -
Evil in the nude.
They calculate his death will cause relations to improve
With men dictators can delude.

"They're all glad to yield,"
The state revealed
While looking in my eye.
It should cause distress
That they all confess
Although they're sure to die.

Scapegoat murder -
Poison in a pill.
Scapegoat murder -
Who's been taken ill?
We wink at the deceit concealed where torture counts as skill -
And bureaucrats who've learned to kill.

They're welding shut the gates of paradise.
Forbidden cities never lack for rice.
The market shares in sounding calls to find a sacrifice
Of charger trays that raise the purchase price.

The criminals are putting on a show.
The truth is always first to go.
Each invitation Party trial these gangsters love to throw
Evokes the Masque of Edgar Allen Poe.

It's no trick
No trick
No trick
To make a lot of money
If all you care about
Is making lots of money.
It's no trick
No trick
No trick.
But it's sick.

Scapegoat murder -
Poison more than food.
Scapegoat murder -
Evil in the nude.
Where money's to be made it doesn't pay to be a prude.
Our filthy lucre's never lewd.

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Red China chose to execute a high official named Zheng Xiaoyu, who was the head of the State Food and Drug Administration. The timing of this execution made it an obvious ploy by the government to clean up its image following debacle after product debacle.

"Mafia" is that Red China is the largest criminal enterprise in the history of the world. Red China's counterfeit merchandise alone accounts for revenue in excess of that of the illegal drug trade.

This aspect connects to the ragtime in a minor key feel of the music, evoking associations with people like Al Capone and other "legitimate businessmen".

"Delude" is that some people are so gullible as to believe this murder is evidence of Red China cracking down on corruption.

"Confess" is that Red China gets their confessions by torture.

"Welding" is a reference to Poe's Masque of the Red Death. The princes of Red China are exactly that arrogant.

"Forbidden cities" is a reference to Red China's Party elite, who are the ones to profit from Red China's fraud. Anyone else living on that graft is dancing on a bubble that can pop at any instant and land them in the same show trial that took Zheng Xiaoyu's life.

"Charger" is a reference to a dancer's price being the head of John the Baptist on a plate. "Raise" in this context is both a poker action and lifting that head up for all to see.

"Masque" is the aforementioned Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe. The connotation is that joining these people in their protected kingdom is to lock ourselves in with pestilence. What we wish to escape is already here. The measures we are now taking to protect ourselves are in fact assurances of destruction.

"Party trial" is that every show trial these killers stage is telling us our protection is really our destruction, but we stop our ears. In some measure this man's blood is on our hands. Had we not proven so eager to sieze on any excuse to continue feeding at Red China's trough, Red China would not have been so eager to hand us his head.

Song 4 - Scapegoat Murder
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