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Dinner Party
© August 26, 2007, Roy Stucky

The social dance in mask and cape
Can introduce but not escape
The actors spreading out their lines
To tangle those who try to find
The flesh that fills the form you touch
Although it isn't all that much
A chance to take since you expect
No social misfit can collect
Your bet that heroes will be lost
Before the social dance has crossed
The minefield laid before each face
The mask may seem to want erased
When they too stand to take their place
Along the tail that forms the queue
That waits its turn to break on through
The door that leads into the cage
That looks in longing at the stage
It took you years to just attain
Before its time to make the change
Into the latest cut of clothes
Before the dinner parties close
And right away discard remains
Into a box we drag uphill
To land we chose to eat its fill
With battle broken blast debris
That failed to leave a mark on me.