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Please Explain
© 2004, Roy Stucky

One night I came home to find you had gone
Along with the things you thought you could pawn.
Is this what you meant by love dearest fake?
The charmer revealed as poisonous snake?

You knew your deeds would cause me pain.
Please explain.
The times I stood by you
Mean nothing stood against
The things you wish to do.
Your freedom waves a voided claim.
Please explain.

You said I was more than you'd ever need.
I guess that excluded juvenile greed.
The lies from your lips were meant at the time.
But fancy's a fickle guide for the blind.

Esteem has shrunk into disdain.
Please explain.
The prize you sought from me
With eager flashing eyes
Was once a magic key.
But only broken shards remain.
Please explain.

Maintain your domain.
Please explain.
Feign gain none attain.
Please explain.
Drain pain through each vein.
Please explain.
Cain chain drags the slain.
Please explain.