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Today's wise fools delight in mocking the prophesies of the coming Beast. But anyone with eyes sees that the stage is already set. Technology and methods described so long ago now lie waiting. So too, the foretold polarization into light and darkness is resolving itself before us.

Not many years ago Bible prophesies about no one buying or selling without a mark, or one man being seen by the entire planet, or humanity being able to destroy all life on Earth were utter mysteries. Today these events take no imagination, being matters of public debate.

Not long ago, a nation was founded whose fundamental institutions acknowledge the existence of the predatory nature. This nation's economy was based on market competition, it's government on a separation of powers, to the end that liberty might be preserved through setting the predators at each other's throat so no one group would gain absolute power.  'Gridlock' is how the system was designed to work, so that only items upon which the combative factions could agree would be enacted.

The Founding Fathers' focus was on internal government because they assumed the fundamental nature of national sovereignty would provide an international check and balance. But in our enlightened age 'cooperation' and 'coalition' are the buzzwords of international politics.  The problem is just who is to decide what we are to agree upon, and what standard will be used.

"hate-God" is Satan. Hatred of God defines him. He cares nothing for people except as a means to strike agony into the heart of God.

"Preparing fear" is the system of religious persecution. Even the U.S. has flipped the Constitution's protection of religion from the state into 'protecting' the state from religion, in effect outlawing religion from any area the state chooses to enter. And in our world there is no place the government has not thrust its power.

Already the process has pushed the 'constitutional' actions of the Church into a corner, and even that is allowed us only because God is not yet viewed as a serious threat. But as the Church continues to stand in the path of the new world order pipe dream, continues to call sin by it's real name, our government will clearly demonstrate just how deeply it cherishes our religious freedom; how much indeed 'in God we trust'. The day will come when devotion to God is treason against the state.

"What will you do" when the oppressors bring an array of pressures against you to effect your silence?

The "penultimate battle" is for our silent acceptance of the new order, the stepping stone to the ultimate battle of the world's armies against the person of Jesus, where they will be destroyed. There will be no middle ground. Friends of the world will be enemies of God, and friends of God will be enemies of the world.

The Church will have the pretenders thus driven from it, leaving only those bold in the Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit. In these days, when all appears darkness and doom, the Church will drink deeply of the living water that flows from under the Throne of God, and participate in the greatest harvest of souls the Earth has ever known. The world's dark times will be our "finest hour". Of course this phrase comes from Churchill and the W.W.II Battle of Britain.

"Our leaders use technology" is the host of devices available to governments, some of which are straight out of science fiction. The tools of surveillance and destruction will be employed in increasingly drastic fashion as our leaders feel more and more threatened, when their beloved new world order appears in peril of collapsing into chaos.

For example, the decade of weakness in dealing with anarchy like the Balkans helps set the stage for the '10 Kings' giving their power to the Beast, who will convince them that he can achieve a lasting world peace if he is only given enough power. Do not forget Hitler came to power despite his political ambition appearing merely a bad joke.  Do not forget Stalin was hardly considered leader material by Lenin.  Do not forget the 'vile person' will obtain the kingdom by flattery and deceptive words.

"Judges will condemn" will eventually be the outright criminalization of Christianity.  But it will pass through other stages before that.  One of the first, which is already taking shape, is to attack Christians through lawsuit.

When people in the media can already openly slander Christians as being culpable for a hate crime against a homosexual for no more reason than that the our Bible calls homosexuality an abomination (as if no religion does), how long will it be before the family of the person wronged sues Christian organizations instead of the people who committed the deed?  With the Constitution stood on it's head to mean 'protecting' the state from the church, the time is not far away when judges will condemn Christian theology as the promotion of hate crimes.

Then adulterers will feel slandered by the Word labeling this behavior as a sin.  Every group that would rather clutch it's sin than repent will feel free to sue anyone who speaks out the Word regarding that sin.  In this way many voices now speaking the Word will be sued and cowed into silence.  But not all.  So the battle will escalate.

"It won't start with hate". All these things will not at first be motivated by hatred and anti-God rage. Fear of anarchy will cause a series of increasingly expendable rights to be subordinated to the call for peace and safety.  Ironically, the rabid nationalism that is the cause of such incredible violence in various parts of the world will be a major contributor to the subjugation of nations.

"Terror will necessitate".  Once terrorism takes hold on U.S. soil, the reaction will be extreme.  In such an environment, anyone who speaks against the counter measures will appear an enemy of society.

"Power concentrates".  An essential aspect of the counter measures will be that the government will take on more and more power in an effort to restore order.  The rights thus lost will seem a small price to pay for safety.

In the U.S., the 'war on crime' has already spawned a system that seizes property without due process, and presumes one guilty unless the accused can prove ownership. The FBI and NSA want a peephole in every communication system so they can spy on alleged criminals. The concentration of power and the diluting of rights is already extensive, yet the anarchy is very slight. Imagine how long our rights will last when the real pressure comes, when our government fears for its very existence.

"Violent deeds will demonstrate".  As the counter measures prove unsuccessful, and so are continually extended, a point will be reached where protests will resurface.  The government response will be so harsh, and supported by the majority of the population who want order restored at any cost, that the voices of protest will again fall silent.

"You must volunteer". Once a regime has consolidated it's power with the cooperation of silence from the voices of truth, their demand will change. Instead of silence, they will demand you speak up. That is, speak up and denounce your neighbors and friends and family. It will become a presumed-guilty crime to fail to turn in someone, the reasoning being that you must know someone who has broken the law and thus are an accessory. In this manner a population becomes the eyes of the secret police, though in this case they won't be very secret.

"All who hesitate". Mercy will be seen as a crime against society because the enemies of the state are now a genuine threat to it's survival.  The social engineering will be to reshape our society where a few innocent people being condemned along with the guilty will be considered acceptable losses.  Given how often this already happens, when our system is specifically designed to let a few guilty people go free in an effort to prevent convicting any innocent people, such a change should be chilling in the extreme.

"You must participate".  It will be demanded that you not only participate in rounding up the state's enemies, but also show proper enthusiasm while you do it.  If you think this is overblown, read up on Red China.  Obedience has not been enough.  Enthusiasm even in destroying your own soul has been required to show you have been 'reeducated'.

"Then they'll nominate".  This is the Beast.  He will come across as someone who can really get things done.  This will be what the world is desperately seeking, because the draconian measures will still not have succeeded in restoring order.

"He will captivate".  The Beast will make sense.  He will be the man with the plan, so obviously correct it will seem stupid to oppose him.  But his words of peace and safety are not merely incorrect, but rather calculated lies.

"When crowds venerate". When the people and their ruler are in such strong agreement they form a single faction determined to follow a fatal course, there is no check on their folly.

"Dark will hate the light". During such a process, the Church will be a threat simply by speaking Truth. The world will love the darkness and hate the light because their deeds are evil. There will be no possibility of reconciliation, because they will demand participation in areas where the Church will offer only opposition.

In the days of oppression, when it seems the flood of evil will drown everything good, the key to our victory will be love. Remember "Not Flesh and Blood". Today forgiveness and compassion may seem luxuries to be worked on when we've time. During the days of "Finest Hour", our very survival will require being tied directly into the power of God. Unforgiveness would break that connection, and spell destruction.

Some will see this song as agitation about a one-world government.  I believe the process will in fact entail a tiny handful of massive coalitions contending with each other, none ever attaining the grand unification dreamed of by history's litany of blood drenched conquerors.  Most likely the coalitions would be a Western Hemisphere block, a European block, and an Asian block.  It could be that there will only be two blocks, Western and Eastern, but I don't think so.  The process may entail many more blocks initially, but I do not see these continuing as distinct power structures.  It will be the contention between these giant power blocks in their quest to be that fabled one-world government, for our own good of course, that will lead to the apocalyptic events of the final days.

It would seem to be in the interest of the leaders of these blocks to cooperate with each other, so they could turn their full attention to holding power in their own sphere.  Look at history. The lust for power does not understand this concept.  They will fear the machinations of each other because they will themselves be plotting against the others, and assume the others are doing likewise.

The long standoff between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. may be pointed out as an example that disproves this.  Not at all.  The U.S., ruled by law instead of sheer power, had no real desire except to be left in peace, and was certainly not interested in conquering the U.S.S.R. .  The U.S.S.R. knew this.  But if the U.S. had the same designs for conquest as the U.S.S.R., the mutual desire for destroying the other would have doomed any standoff to a short life.  Do not forget how much blood was shed in this 'cold' war, from Korea to Vietnam to Afghanistan to Angola to Nicaragua, nor how many times various levels of nuclear alerts were raised.  And this was when one party in the conflict did not want to conquer the other.

Just as a side note, do not imagine it would be difficult for great powers to produce neutron bombs today.  The genie of that knowledge is out of the bottle, and no agreed distaste for it's flavor will make it pass away.

(About two year after this statement was written, it was disclosed in 1999 that this is precisely the technology China obtained through it's espionage at various U.S. nuclear research labs.  Strangely, the fact China obtained the plans for the neutron bomb has been little mentioned, though China stealing unspecified 'nuclear weapon secrets' has been very extensively reported.)

Clearly, this song will be viewed by some as the raving of a fanatic.  So be it.  The beauty of speaking about the future is that the future is coming.  Time will reveal what was accurately stated.

It will also be seen by some as yet another brick in the monument of conspiracy theories.  In a way this would be accurate, but in the general use of the term quite inaccurate.  I think most conspiracy theories make the grave error of assuming astute leadership.  Few leaders are.  They compound this error by imagining secrets are readily kept.  Secrets are rarely kept:  by governments, almost never, especially in an open society like the U.S.  Compound this still further by the typical large number of participants and the long span of time involved in most conspiracy theories and you have a most dubious assertion.

However, I believe the last days, and the coming of the Beast is in fact the result of a conspiracy that is both widespread and ancient.  The key is that the participants are evil spirits, fallen angels under the leadership of Satan.

I sometimes think about the post-Rapture world, and the impact of the music we make today on those left behind. In some ways it is to those people we are speaking, since the validity of what we are saying will then be visible daily fact. Will our music be driven underground as subversive or tolerated as irrelevant?

I pray it will be considered felony possession!

As an aside, I am a pre-Tribulation Rapture man. You post- or mid-Trib folks should probably be building bunkers.
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