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Reading, once understood, is a miracle. It is only by virtue of being common that we fail to grasp its amazing nature. The collected experience of our culture is symbolized, sequenced, and then recreated inside your mind.

"Chase one another around" the island of my existential isolation.

"Wear down" is being stuck in a rut. When a human being is isolated, their thought process tends to fall into a circle.

"Pattern entwined" is that I am caught up in the limits of my personal experience.

"Keys that are locked" is that the pattern of my life is encrypted by my unique sequence of experiences. The irony is that this internal encryption requires an external password before I can decipher the message. This is also a wordplay on doors, by which we gain admittance. I see the door. I know there is another side. I see the cosmos. I know that out of nothing, nothing comes.

"Untangle my ways" by receiving another person's perspective, by reading the code books.

"Maze" is that perhaps someone has been this way before, and left a map.

"Fires a flash" of recognition not only of the word but of my experiences related to that word. In the way that a flash of light in the dark shows everything, but so briefly we pay attention to only one or two aspects of the image thus revealed, so too the entirety of our experience with that word steps forward with every encounter with the word, but we rarely take the time to look around and see how crowded is that room.

"Passage of portraits" is that a sentence strings these flashes together to create a journey, a sort of countdown sequence.

"Experience explosions" are that the flash of each word ignites my associated experiences...

"Propel" to release an energy that moves me.

"Gravity well" is my existential isolation . The term is drawn from space flight, in that an object has to attain escape velocity in order not to be pulled back down to the planet.

"Captured encounters" is the collected experience of our culture which is encoded in a word.

"Cinema scroll" is that the sequence of recognition flashes are assembled by our understanding by an effect known as 'apparent motion' like the frames of a film are assembled into a perception of motion. This of course opens the entire metaphor to the Kuleshov effect and its idea of meaning through sequence.

"Parallel" is that every word evokes a cloud of simultaneous perceptions. But if our thoughts are two dimensional, we will only perceive the single path directly before us.

"Rose" is an example of this parallel aspect. It is at once a perception of beauty but also of thorns. Not to mention if you have ever given or received or grown roses. Let alone the other host of cultural references and metaphors.

"Relations off camera" is that aspects of a word often drag our thoughts down pathways the writer could not have anticipated. In this sense, no two people read the same sentence.

"Directed dream" is that the writer points, but your experiences take the journey.

"Stars" represent other people.

"Up to speed" is that I can travel far beyond my personal experience.

"Pool" is the mirror, whereby I perceive others only by truly looking inside myself.

"Rockets in seed" is that the words must be grown before they are capable of lifting us outside ourselves. Many people have ears that do not hear.

"Sequence" ties the idea of a countdown to that of a sentence; and more distantly to that of a DNA strand.

"Cell detonation" is breaking me out of prison.

It seems to me that those who cannot or do not read suffer from an internal form of akinetopsia, or motion blindness. They cannot assemble the objects of experience into a narrative. These people will many times also suffer from a type of anosognosia of the soul, where they do not recognize their disability.

Description Quotes Music Video Equipment History Notes Comments BUY
Prior Description Song 8 DESCRIPTION - Gravity Well Next Description
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