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Him Whom My Soul Loves
© September 1992, Roy Stucky

Upon my bed by night
I sought him whom my soul loves,
But he was not in sight -
Of my desire unaware.

In every street and square
I sought him whom my soul loves,
But he was not there -
Still my longing would not cease.

I asked the police
"Where is him whom my soul loves?"
But they held their peace -
Could not ease my mind.

As I left these men behind
I found him whom my soul loves,
The beauty of mankind -
The fairest God designed.

I held him tight,
I would not let him go.
I led him to the light
Of my mother's home.

Oh! Daughters of Jerusalem!
Move light as the breeze.
Do not awake my love -
Not until he please.

This song is drawn from the Song of Solomon. People who think Christian marriage is without passion would do well to read what the Bible has to say here. This song bespeaks the depth of passion born of an ever deepening marriage, a passion untainted by a need to hide and sneak.

"Left these men behind" is a symbol of forsaking all others.