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The Island
© September 1987, Roy Stucky

We are weary to the bone of fighting
Instead of taking our children in our arms.
If we listen to the heart within
We'll not stumble at the slogan's charms.

Know the truth of what you stand for.
You'll find it in the children's eyes.
If it's fear in a heart that's torn
Your deeds may be where your dream dies.

Listen brothers to the tears of mothers
Who'll never cease to mourn -
Because their children are no more.
Ask what you've really done,
By waging such an old score -
When the long evening sun
Casts no shadow of the husband coming home.
Turn oh turn your heart to flesh
Instead of stone.


Lest anyone think morality and politics are merely opinions, this song stands to remind us that these "opinions" can kill; for generations.

"Fighting" is not the intention of our Designer.

"Taking our children in our arms" is the intention of our Designer.

"Slogan's charms" stands for the power of words designed to twist people's thoughts.

"In the children's eyes" ties into the concept of legacy that drives this album.  The real meaning of your deeds is found in the legacy they leave behind.  When that legacy is sneaking death and deepest sorrow, lofty slogans are revealed as lies.

"Deeds may be where your dream dies" is that corrupt means putrify even noble ends.

"Tears of mothers" is the product of violence, giving lie to the aims of the slogans.  This also ties back to The Dark Wall.

"Who'll never cease to mourn" is borrowed from the Scripture about Rachel weeping.

"By waging such an old score" is that even the children of those involved in the original conflict are long dead.  So this conflict is an heirloom.  It also plays on the unseen rhyme with 'war'.