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Kiss the Chip
© 2007, Roy Stucky

Icons casting down their crowns,
Their brows are wet with sweat.
Plate glass windows blown akimbo -
A crowbar's found around.
Fickle masquerade parades
Have hit the street complete.
For wisdom some would ask the mask,
Who'd say, "Erase your face."

Metal gleams in drunken hordes.
Savage dreams bring blood rewards.
Human clones begin to run.
Power's grown into a gun.
Zombie czars help build the wall.
Superstars can't help but fall.
Trophy lives just guild the rim.
Butcher knives preside within.

Naked spirits kindle clay -
Human hearts on glass display.
Trade the sacred for the beast -
Happy now that good's deceased.
Give each impulse full control
While you mock your very soul.
Cling to nothing dogs can't scratch.
Love's too deep for you to catch.

Pitch the human,
Kiss the chip.
Seek the senses'
Carnal whip.

Make the modest
Stand and strip.
Say the truth
Is on your lip.

Leave the rats
To run the ship.
Hope that God
Can't make the trip.

Give your soul
The slip.
Pitch the human.
Kiss the chip.