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Land of Lines
© October 9, 2014, Roy Stucky and Taylor Stucky

I cross this land of lines
To praise a man maligned by names,
A father God designed
To wear away the signs of shame.

Your love produced a tone
The silent world disowned too soon.
Today that music's grown
In all here who have known your tune.

No day you go away will be okay.
But we begin to see you're fully free by Heaven's sea.
My eyes will not stay dry beneath the sky.
I know that they will go on looking though
Your face won't show here below.

I know you stand beside our Lord
With feet of burning brass.
I hope this song can reach your ears
Across the sea of glass.
I wait to hear your voice ring out
In joy as you arrive
The day when New Jerusalem
Descends with God inside.

I cross this land of lines
To step outside of time
And sing of music's soul
At last made whole.


Written for the funeral of Archie Robertson, Sr., Roy's father-in-law and Taylor's maternal grandfather. The world said we should have never connected - that there were too many barriers between us. The world was wrong.

Cross is that we lived seven hundred miles from Archie.

Lines is that so many lines had to be crossed. Black and white. Quick and dead. Generations. State and county lines. Highways on maps. Power and phone lines we travelled beside. Musical lines. Mason-Dixon. The United States is nearly drown in lines.

Designed is that Archie was exactly the right sort of man to bring his family through the bitter times into the twenty-first century without leaving his family bitter.

Signs of shame is that Archie was all too familiar with signs like "white only" intended to shame people of color but which in fact absolutely put to shame all people who put up such signs.

Tone is that Archie was a musician.

Silent world is the world of racism that rejected his humanity's song.

Grown is that grandchildren stood to call his named blessed in song.

Tune is that the song of Archie's life is his family who stood to celebrate that he had been in this world.

Okay is that we who remain in shadowland are not at all okay with our loss.

Free is that Archie is now completely free of the many lines of chain people in this world used to try to bind him.

Heaven's sea ties to Revelation 4:6.

Sky ties to Ecclesiastes.

Go on looking is that I continue to find myself expecting to see his face or hear his voice in the familiar places.

Brass ties to Revelation 1:15. But remember Revelation 22:12, for this astounding Lord God also brings reward with Him.

Sea of glass ties to Revelation 15:2.

Voice ties to Revelation 19:6-8.

New Jerusalem ties to Revelation 21:1-22:5

Sing ties to Revelation 15:3-4

Whole ties to Revelation 22:3.