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© April 1983, Roy Stucky

When I get home the house is empty,
No one to tell me what to do.
I can go where I want,
Do what I can get into -
Just so when they get home
The evidence gives no clue.

I'm grown up,
I can look out for myself.
I don't need my parent's help.
Growing up fast learning for myself -
I don't need anyone's help.

You never wanted me!
Gave me the house key
To set you free
For chasing money or PhD's!
With greed for your liberty
You lost the warrantee
And got a refugee from love.

You were so busy saving the world,
Doing what had to be done.
Becoming indispensable in stranger's lives -
Gave my time to everyone.

Child you know we've got to work.
It's not that we would choose
Coming home too tired to move.
Wait and walk awhile in our shoes.
You know it's not what we would choose.

Now I know!
Money's better than love.
No matter what you need that pay
For joy to overflow.

Today Mom and Dad have money,
Diplomas and diamond rings.
But say what they miss is knowing me -
And that this is missing everything.