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Lost & Found
© June 13, 2007, Roy Stucky

Nature raised a finger
And the world turned into white.
Nature shot our photo
Dazzled blind by camera light.

All the things we think we know
Have turned grown men to boys.
Frequent falls should help recall
Not all her gifts are toys.

Lost and Found.
Decide your fate
Before you stand
At Heaven's gate.

Puddles on the pavement,
Open to the sky.
Their only escape
Is to dry.

Little red balloon,
Blowing down the street,
You and the point
Must never meet.

Lost and Found.
Who is whose?
Ready or not
You must choose.

The heat of the day
Has steamed up the night.
Tires scratch the sand,
Deliver a light.

The dark is alive
With bits of word and songs.
Debate about the battle
Consumes the lives of pawns.

Lost and Found.
Make Heaven ring
By bowing now
Before the King.

Step aside
And let this jury pass.
Take a ride
On a slipper made of glass.
(momentary magic left a trace)

Run and hide
The human soul you grew.
Leave the pride
Before they feed on you.

Lost and Found.
Victims ride.
Victors climb
The mountainside.

It's the fire burning in the sky.
It's Nature's watchful calm.
It's not just seeing the hand of God
But of walking on His palm.