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© 1994, Roy Stucky and Mike Vogt

It's another Friday night
And the bars are full
Of people dancing
To an unseen pull.

Let's pretend the laughter
Is from people in control,
That what they get here
Satisfies the soul.

But the scene seems reenacted
With a change of cast.
The measure's move creates a groove
That leads into the past.

You know who plays the song
As the fever peaks.
People moving restless
To their ruler's beat.

Its the Marionette Minuet.
People doing things they'll regret.
Dancing on the strings
And hoping to forget -
The Marionette Minuet.

It would be so easy
To point out their sin.
But they already feel
The fix they're in.

Don't you know the sinner
Is sin's slave?
Their master calls the tune
Of the way that they behave.

Its the Marionette Minuet.
People lit up like a cigarette.
Dancing on the strings
Of Adam's mad debt -
The Marionette Minuet.

God did not send you here
In order to condemn.
You've been cut loose
From the chain that's jerking them.

Now to obey our God
In His great decree,
We must tell them Jesus
Is The One Way to be free.

Its the Marionette Minuet.
Losing the one life they get.
Dancing on the strings
Like some West Point cadet,
Looking for the freedom
They've not found yet.
The Marionette Minuet.

Once we too were dancing
Let us never forget.