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And Nature Laughs
© August 28, 2000, Roy Stucky

Of course we'll conquer Nature,
And tame her to our will.
Our homes'll be our fortress
Where we'll swallow magic pills.

And Nature Laughs

Our plans will fly formation through electric air.
Our knowledge will expand the burrows of our lair.
Everyone who matters will be a millionaire
Whose cash receives their prayer.

And Nature Laughs

Utopian dreams crawl around in our heads,
Whisper praises to our clever control.
But even bugs evade our grasp
Let alone the mystery of our soul.

And Nature Laughs
Behind her hand
To see we do not understand
That all our plans
Bleed consequence,
Disturb the web
And pull the thread
That through the weave
Ties back to us,
Who cannot leave,
Who can't be just
A member of a hive
Because to live is more
Than to survive.