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One Mask At A Time
© 1990, Roy Stucky

Life has got you thinking
Seeing all you've got to share.
But as you speech to blank expressions
It seems that they don't care.

Your lines are too long.
They roll their eyes and say,
Here comes another song.
And it hurts.

Is it any wonder you can't fit together?
Any wonder there are breaks in the wall?
All of life is in motion and growing
The patterns that rise up and call.

The wonder of vision rushes inside you
In rivers you cannot contain.
Vast systems seen through tiniest detail
Ask to be explained.

But if you want to reach someone
You can't cross the social line
Of only exposing one mask at a time.

They've got something on their mind,
Eyes so used to the dark that they're blind.
Paint it in big pictures slowly -
One mask at a time.

So you hold it in
And it dims
In the vacuum of your mind.
How can they reach you
Only seen through
One mask at a time?

Don't rush on so fast
With thoughts that blast
Down the slender
Bridge of the sender
A load unfamiliar
To the casual speech design.

It carries but one mask at a time.

Its hard to walk when your wings
Long to dance on the air.
They care.
But it takes time to prepare.

So in order to share
You paint and you sing
Of the glorious things
That cannot be broken in bits.

But to them nothing fits.

Yet you must believe they want to receive
All the wisdom God has in store -
Or you won't say any more.

Keep control
Watch the goal
And give what they're ready for.

Touch the sky
Knowing why
Sight is the weapon of war.

Show the road
To God's abode
And leave Him to open the door.