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The Pit
© 2002, Roy Stucky

Looking through the dark,
Across the street,
The spreading old folk home's almost complete.

Talking now about the past
I finally hear
How long you've grimly struggled with the fear.

Words escape the pit
As we wander through our lives.
Despair is at a distance
But still it haunts our eyes.

Feet below the surface,
Our chins above the ledge,
The bricks are loose along the edge.

Words escape the pit
Though who would understand?
The echoes whisper questions
Our logic can't remand.

The old folks they are listening
Although they give no sign.
Do they laugh and say
Just give it time?

You said you missed the wild sometimes
Though you did not miss the pain.
The straight road has its own rewards
But sometimes you fear it's none too clear
Which way had more to gain.

Words escape the pit
Like crows in dark take flight,
Disturbed by sudden noises
Spilling 'round the evening's fight.

Now we confront the oscillating values of the world that seek to slice us in two. It is time to get out of this rut.