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"Another wave" is that modern society is pounding at the limits of morality like a continual surf.  There are thousands of examples of things until recently considered immoral which are now accepted, which now lie under the tide of depravity.  Anything that can be shaken is toppling.

"Lighthouse", as used here, is not only a warning of a deadly reef, but also a beacon at the mouth of the safe harbor among the "moral shore".

This is not at all to imply Jesus was a moral teacher.  He was and is God.  If you don't believe this, you have no real choice but to believe Jesus was a lunatic, considering the claims He made.  He was and is Morality.  But having created all things, His words are the ultimate moral guide in addition to being The Truth.  Jesus knows how we are made, and thus what will enhance or damage us.  The Bible contains our 'Manufacturer's specifications'.

The "shipwreck graves" are those seeking Truth who did not find that safe harbor because we compromised the Word for the sake of popularity.  This of course also means navigating this life without God's guidance is perilous.

"War" is that this seemingly trivial conflict of ideas is now producing a host of literal casualties, and an even greater multitude of walking wounded.  Most of the world does not even understand the nature of the war, let alone the nature of the sides, much less what is required to be a good soldier of Good.

The term culture war is accurate as far as it goes, but the reality goes far beyond conservative versus liberal.  Humanism versus Christianity is more accurate, but still short.  The war is between the culture of God and the culture of Satan.  Before someone starts screaming, let's clarify this.  We are not saying everything Christian conservatives want is what God wants, nor that everything liberal humanists want is what Satan wants.  God is not led around by the Christian Coalition, nor Satan by the ACLU.  But if you look at each agenda as a whole, who swears allegiance to God and who dismisses Him could not be clearer.  Polarization into Light and darkness has begun.

"Nowhere to stand" is that without Truth nothing has a frame of reference, there is no foundation.

"Hold their Lord's position" ties to "war" in that God told us in His Word what ground we are to hold.  How can we be worthy soldiers of the Cross if we abandon our ordered position at the first sign of the enemy?

What is wrong with being "tolerant"? It depends on if you are talking about true tolerance, which is that everyone has a right to hold their own opinion, no matter how wise or foolish that opinion may be, or if you're talking about the modern fool's tolerance that says every opinion is equally valid.

How tolerant should we be of the idea that two plus two equals six?  How tolerant should we be of the idea that the moon is made of green cheese?  Tolerance of such error would wreck any practise of knowledge if accepted as fact because those ideas are false.  So too, since the Word really is True, how can we 'tolerate' error without rejecting the Word outright, without making the Word an utterly pointless mockery?

"Empty steeple" is an image of a lighthouse without a light or foghorn. In other words, a pretty useless lighthouse.

"Pebble in the riptide" is an image that the danger is not obvious, like that of a riptide dragging people out to sea.

"Truth to be still" is that the Bible commands us to speak God's Word, Truth, to those we encounter in life, and to spread His Gospel of salvation to the entire world.  We cannot keep God's Love to ourselves.  So in this culture the last label we want to earn is 'tolerant'.  God is not tolerant of sin.  He calls for people to accept Jesus in order to remove us from sin so we may escape the eternal damnation sin will receive.

"Break the tide" is that a breakwater protects the shore by standing fast.  A breakwater that moves makes things worse by adding it's own mass to the force of the crushing waves. This image connects to the destruction wrought by the hurricane which wrecked Galveston, Texas.  The natural sand dune breakwaters had been torn down to ease access to the beach, increasing the damage and loss of life.

"No codicil" is that God has spoken, and will not take back any part of what He has said.  God's Word has and will act.  Our only choice is to either conform to the Word or reject it.  Our choice will not change 'destiny', but it will change it's effect on us.

"Unless we speak Truth" is that the Light is useless hidden away.

"Break chains" is that Jesus came to free slaves of sin, and that we who are called by His name cannot rightly do otherwise.

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