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Wisdom Reflected
© 2004, Roy Stucky

Books in a bag.
Moon overhead.
Wind in my hair.
Words truly said.

Dreams caught in memory -
Tangled up threads.
Cycles of vision
Miles from my bed.

The line that's beside me is broken
But flows like it never will end.
The words I've been seeking are spoken
By wisdom reflected in faces of friends.

The journey touches distant hearts
Who lie awake yet wait to dream
Of breakthrough visionary souls
Who know what understanding means.


"Bag" is that man made things can be contained.

"Overhead" is that God made things cannot be so.

"Wind in my hair" is that when nature touches you ... "Words truly said" ... you finally experience real communication.

"Caught in memory" is that the dreams I only remember and those on which I presently live roll together before my eyes when I am so far from my refuge.

"Broken" is both the road and our intermittent connection to both ancestors and friends.

"Never will end" is that it seems as if I will never arrive.

"Faces of friends" who gaze continually upon the face of Jesus.

"Visionary souls" is that though separated we remain united as we seek transcendence.