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One is the twelfth and final album of the series Quest To Be Whole. The temptation to make a double album has been resisted until this, the series finale. In a world of singles downloads, a double album is likely complete foolishness. We can only say the material requested more space.

One spans from the arrival of Satan in Eden to the arrival of the saints in Heaven. In this, One encapsulates the entire album series then fulfills the Quest with the union of saints, the fellowship of believers, and the Marriage Feast of the Lamb.

The Trinity is the ultimate gestalt, the ultimate example of unity. This realization greatly enriches the image of the Bride of Christ. How great is our union with Jesus? Like that of the Trinity, where it can be said there is one God, and there are no other gods beside Me.

The metaphor is a song, where the individual voices of the instruments are essential. The composer is master, and the song is the purpose which the instruments actualize.

The tension between the individual and the group, society in particular, has been a subject of discussion since ancient times. But seen through the metaphor of a song, this tension vanishes. The individual voices of the instruments are essential, but without the composer's structure they produce only noise.

Here the unity is fundamental, yet not monolithic - neither aggregated nor absorbed. In this context life is a song, in that our indivdual existence is utterly unique yet only a small aspect of the great saga.

Tokien and his image of Iluvatar plays here, in that all began with a song.

Separation is the true death. The day Adam and Eve ate the fruit, their bodies did not die. What died was their song with God. As a branch appears just as full of life moments after being severed from the vine as it did moments before the separation, so too Adam and Eve to all outward appearance were just as alive after the fruit as before. Yet it can be quite accurately stated that a severed branch is dead, though its leaves have not yet withered.

What I am beginning to see is that One could be composed of many aspects of that great Unity. The vine and branches. The Word. The Trinity. The Bride and Groom. The song. Love. John chapter 17. Eternal Life instead of the Second Death. The New Jerusalem. The Mind of Christ. The Body of Christ. The end of existential isolation. The river of living water.

At its core this is what Jesus was telling us when He spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven. Love does not endure all things because it loves pain. Love endures all things because it knows what is important. Love endures all things because it has counted the cost, and knows the price of the pearl is far below its worth. Chasing passing riches is utterly vain, not because it is bad to be rich, but because it indicates ones lack of understanding of what is truly important.


    Song 1 Enter the Dragon temptation
Song 2 This Stolen Vision Fall
Song 3 Thorn external consequences
Song 4 Nothing Short of Eden internal consequences
Song 5 How Can I Do Less incarnation made inevitable due to covenant
Song 6 Evening In Eden incarnation and memory of what was lost
Song 7 Bread Messiah what the world expected: a king
Song 8 Song Before Gethsemane Jesus prepared with praise
Song 9 God Learned to Bleed what the world got: the suffering servant
Song 10 Love Laid Down can we do less than Jesus the servant?
Song 11 Ambitious Though Content Jesus' peace is not debilitating: press toward union
Song 12 Christ Divided did Jesus tell us to fight each other, or spiritual wickedness?
Song 13 Blind Hand the church must learn to harmonize differences
Song 14 Lines of Love praise of God and love for another draws us together
Song 15 Babel Rescinded the world cannot attain our level of communion
Song 16 Look get close to Jesus and see His message is not confusing
Song 17 Touch His Face when we reach Jesus we will be united w/Him at our center
Song 18 John 17 Jesus prayed down astounding unity in the Body of Christ
Song 19 Breath of Life home together at last with the King

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