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Personal God begins the journey from the tomb (Epiphany) and wasteland (Shards & Facets), from scientism and hedonism. You are not some thing, some object.

The journey back begins with a confrontation with God like Job faced. Gird up your loins and answer like a man. Where were you when I formed the world?

This album's theme revolves around identity and love. What effect does it have to be personally rejected? Conversely, what is the effect of being accepted by Jesus?

The imagery of this album revolves around doors and masks and walls. These hold particular significance because of their relationship with the interior imagery of Epiphany. Sin is our prison, and Jesus the door out into freedom. Jesus is YOUR salvation, not just some mass salvation of humanity in general.

Even if everyone rejects you, Jesus does not.  God has a plan for your life that He forged in the furnace of His desire before the founding of the world.  (Ephesians 2:14)  Until you come to God, your purpose for existence, your reason to be, will go unfulfilled.  Do you wonder at your discontent, at your hunger for purpose?  If you are not drawing near God so you can hear His voice, what do you expect but discontent?  You have failed to understand the Manufacturer's Specification.

The myth lovers of the world part from Christianity at precisely the point this album represents.  They do not believe in a personal God.  They do not believe in a factual living God who knows and loves and listens and speaks to individuals.  These people pay lip service to Chrstianity as a religion, but fail to grasp how absolutely essential a personal relationship with Jesus is to any Christianity worthy of the name.

In some ways this album is a warning against itself and the entire album series.  The story, the album series, is nothing at all if the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of heaven and earth is not absolutely real.  If God is a human creation and we are alone in the cosmos, then the album series is nothing more than a metaphor that points to the symbol of an imagination; a floating castle without foundation.  Of course that also means the entire "cosmos is a joke". The Void album is a fairly detailed reply to those who hold the sad theory God is a human creation, so we will not repeat much of that reply here.

God is not a fable. God is not a metaphor. God is not man made. Mirror Covenant does not reflect a figment. We point toward the Creator Who has chosen to take a personal interest in you. Will you take a personal interest in Him? You personally have a great deal at stake.

01 - Looking Glass Self
We draw our sense of self worth from others. This ties to Art of Pantomime as an important effect of existential isolation. Your isolation is so absolute you learn to view yourself from the vantage of others, who of course do not really know you. Is it any wonder people's self-perception is so faulty? Further, this means you are locked up alone in the prison of your sin. You 'inherited' a sin nature, and mortal flesh, but the ramifications of this are anything but impersonal. You will die someday. You will stand before the Great White Throne Judgement of God. You will spend eternity with Jesus in Heaven or with Satan in the Lake of Fire. It does not get much more personal than that. In the context of the story, this song represents a baby girl growing up who learns about herself from those around her.

02 - Where Do I Belong
But rebellion only shows where you do NOT belong. Is there a place for me between the poles of the isolated self and the assimilated drone?

03 - Four Walls
It is at this point you realize you are locked in a room with the source of your problem. This is the cry that comes from behind that locked door. There must be more to life than avoiding pain.  

04 - Mobius
The many ways people try to escape this source of their problem rarely succeed at all, and never fully.

05 - Hid too Well
My manipulation of my existential isolation leads me to reenact Adam and Eve hiding in the bushes of Eden. I now even hide from myself. But perhaps I have played my role too well. Some people may actually believe I am alright, but of course God is not fooled.

06 - Bottom of the Stair - OUT
By hiding inside, in my sin, I am outside the glory. The loss of Eden, of walking with God in the Garden in the cool of the evening is torture. There is a hole in my soul where God should be enthroned.

07 - Transcend - IN
Life calls me to leave the fort, to drop the shield, and face both society and myself honestly. It is time to acquire the dimensions to which sin left us blind. It is time to exceed the self society reflected back at you.

08 - Needle's Eye - THROUGH
Only by pressing naked through the portal of the second birth, without any of the trappings with which we cloak our souls to make us important, valuable, can my schism be healed. I have nothing to bring to God but my soul. I must reverse Eden and run toward God rather than away. Jesus waits for us to answer His knock upon the door, but He is not waiting to come in and have us give Him anything. He owns everything. He does not need anything because He has no lack. He values us because of who we are, individually, not because of what we can do for Him. I am the one with the need. In the context of the story, this song represents her passing from Death to Life.

9 - Draw Me Forth
Outside my citadel I find a new society is waiting. I rise out of the baptismal a member of a Body fit together and nurtured by what every part supplies. Now even my relations with my fellow human beings contains a depth I had never imagined. 

10 - Still Feel the Stone
The foretaste of glory does not relieve me of responsibility to evangelize, to act as God's ambassador in this world. But it is encouraging.

If worth is not independent of your deeds, a person's worth fluctuates by the minute.  If a person's worth fluctuates by the minute, then you cannot base any decision on that worth, as it would be impossible to hit such a moving target.  It would also be impossible to develop your own worth, since that would merely be the worth of your latest deed.

If your worth is that of your attributes, when your attributes change, your worth changes.  This is obvious you may say, and maybe even just.  Yet examine the consequences.  If a mother loves her son because he is a cute little boy, she will soon love him no longer, as he will not remain a little boy.  If a man loves a woman because she is a lovely twenty five year old, what will become of his love when she is fifty?  We see the devastation of this kind of provisional "love" daily.  The loving mother becomes the heartless matriarch.  The lover runs off with a new twenty five year old.  And scars are all that remain, deeper than the shallow values that caused them.

This ruin is rooted in the failure to distinguish between people and attributes, between people and deeds.  Existential isolation encourages people to judge others by appearances.  That is the simple minded thing to do.  But attributes are things, while a person is something else entirely.  Much if not most of the world's evils come from treating a person as a thing.  You will not need to long search your memory to feel the pain this has wrought on you personally.

There is another interesting consequence of valuing attributes instead of people.  The attributes have no value.  You might protest compassion is clearly good, and murder clearly bad.  On what basis?  Actions are good or bad on the basis of how they affect people, such that the value of the action is derived from the value of the people.  If the person has no value, how can a value derived from zero be other than zero?

It is commonly objected that actions have societal value.  Society, being an assembly of individuals, is also a derived standard.  How can an assembly of zeros sum to other than zero?  It is then objected that actions are valued by their utility to the continuation of the species.  The same rebuttal applies.  By what basis are we to value the continuation of our species?  Utilitarianism merely begs the question.  How can you evaluate means that have no ends?

You do not have to deserve love to receive love.  Several people have objected to this statement, but the statement is true nonetheless.  Why?  Because there is nothing you can do to deserve love.  Any deed is a thing, which you cannot love, as we have already discussed.  If you work at self development in order to become worthy of love, you demonstrate an immature understanding.  Potential is to be developed because it is there.  In other words, stewardship.  What self development is not is some contest to attain a status where it is your due for people to love you.  There is no such status.

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