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In the context of the series, Shards & Facets is the allegory that represents the life of the woman, making it the counterpart to Epiphany, which is the allegory of the man. This is the search for love and self worth as a counterpart to the search for Truth.

Here the hollow is in the heart instead of the underground. In other words, a failure of the heart where Epiphany represents a society where the failure is of the head. Back on the surface where the marginalized people live, existence is strewn with the debris of the Babel Mark II excavation. The hubris of the mind represented by Epiphany produces a consequent wasteland of the heart. Yet through history's debris, the jewel of Jesus' redemption shines right through: if you actually look.

For the "superficials", the shallow people of the surface, life among the wasteland of debris ejected from the Tower excavation is characterized by that ejection. The superficials are marginalized because of being rejected by the Tower elite. The sting of being discarded and disregarded by the Grand Project is so bitter that its poison blinds them to the valve of anything else: including their own souls. In fact, the superficals reject each other in a perverse form of denial that they have themselves been rejected by the Tower elite. The superficials are not anti-technology. They worship that from afar. The Tower rejected them, not the reverse. But they squander the freedom they have from that tomb.

Epiphany can be seen as a pivot, with Shards & Facets as a beginning of efforts to grasp life whole.

A central structure of the entire, Quest To Be Whole, is Out/In/Through (Curio Shop). Out of our sin, into the Kingdom of God, through our journey to the Marriage Feast of the Lamb. Outside the Kingdom, inside the Kingdom, through the veil of appearance to touch Truth.

Where Epiphany was a journey out of peril, Shards & Facets represents a great gem at whose core stands Truth. Our journey here is inward toward Truth. Each time we find a facet that serves as a door inward, we find ourselves in a larger world yet with a closer view of the ultimate core. In other words, the further inside we go, the larger the realm in which we find ourselves.

Shards & Facets contrasts with Epiphany in that the woman is not a member of the management team, not a group insider. The rewards of work on the common project were enough for the man before he awoke, but the woman's discontent is evident from the start. She is seeking real love, genuine belonging, which is much more difficult to find in this world than is some preoccupying vocation. Her quest is very personal. Shards & Facets also contrasts with Epiphany by following her life for years instead of his life for days. She does not grow up in the church the way he did. Where the story of the man focused around Truth, this album is centered on love. Where Epiphany was concerned with understanding, this album is concerned with relationship.

01 - Thrown Away
The superficial people on the surface do not know what to keep. They do not recognize what is most precious.

02 - Lonely Flame
Social rejection.

03 - Take Wing
Romantic rejection. All too often, even expressions of love are hollow.

04 - If He Could
Self rejection. Even my self love creates a prison from which a vital part of me wishes to escape.

05 - Tears for My Totem
My people perish for lack of knowledge of God's Word. We mortgage our future for fleeting pleasures.

06 - Time to Turn Around
It is time to reject rejection. We are not some peak of evolution. Locked down, is it not wise to reverse course and return to the place where you chose the wrong fork? Instead of plowing through the Tower debris, reject the Babel Mark II ruin. Leave the wasteland and begin the journey back to Eden, back to union with God.

07 - Solid Core
The center abides despite being rejected. Return to the original center. Orbit the Son instead of bouncing around the void.

08 - Fossil from a Soul
Something buried has risen to the surface.

09 - Standing Stone in Winter
The kingdom was once glorious. It will be so again.

10 - Curve of the Earth
No longer superficial, no longer 2 dimensional. I finally see where I am.

Let us view Shards & Facets from a slightly different angle.

The movement of the first few songs is rejection moving inward. Thrown Away shows rejection as a concept rooted in nihilism. Lonely Flame aims that rejection at your exterior. Take Wing shows that rejection aimed at your romantic interior, your self. If He Could then jumps across the moat of existential isolation. We begin with rejection as a theory, then cut deeper and deeper until you have no separation from that rejection.

Tear for My Totem is the lament for my people. Immersed in rejection, they mortgage their future in exchange for baubles. They do not know what to keep. They are not even sure they should keep their souls.

This brings us to Time to Turn Around. Instead of rejection cutting closer and closer to all we would protect, instead of traveling further and further from where we would wish to be, instead of the journey of the shard, it is time to begin our journey through the facet and into the gem. If that combines with the band name to give this a bit of a Lewis Carroll flavor, all the better.

But this song is not only the pivot of Shards & Facets. It is also the pivot of the entire Quest To Be Whole. Up to this point we have been leaving the pit into which we were born. From this point forward we are on a journey toward the center of the gem.

So on an album basis, Shards & Facets is the end of the beginning for the Quest to Be Whole series. Personal God, the next album, represents the great pivot of anyone's life: salvation through acceptance of Jesus as your personal savior; being born again.

Beginning with Solid Core, we travel in toward that center. Escaping the Pit had a clear direction; up. Once on the surface all directions appear identical. We began a surface journey, only to realize we were going away from the object of our desire. We were going toward rejection only to find every step reduced the possibility of escape. At this point the wise turn around.

The first thing we see when we reverse course is that unlike the shards, the facets do not open onto a void. There is a unifying center here. This is represented by Solid Core.

I find the path marked by firm evidence that endures beyond the time of the corporeal body. This is represented by Fossil From A Soul.

I then stand at the marked gateway of the lost past. But I must wait for the season. I must wait for the people who with whom I will gain entrance into this realm. This is represented by Standing Stone in Winter.

Once they arrive, entrance into this realm elevates my vision. I now see where I am. I see the road I am to take. I realize I have not arrived, but instead have but now begun. This is represented by Curve of the Earth.

The remainder of the Quest To Be Whole is the journey we make to the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God.

In other words, you have left the pit and had your mountaintop experience. Now what? Personal God begins the process of learning the mind of Christ instead of the carnal mind we have been fleeing.

We have laid aside the pride of life and the lust of the eyes and the deceitfulness off riches. Now we begin our long journey toward the center of the jewel. We journey back to Eden. But we will not halt at that level.

The idea is that only when I have gone deep into the gem, and found the ceiling rises higher over my head with every step, that I can climb to the heights and look out upon the City of God in the distance. It is only at the close of the Shards & Facets album with Curve of the Earth that I can see my destination. I have stood on the mountain, and will soon face the temptation Jesus endured on that mountain.

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