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A wicked and adulterous generation seek after a sign. But none shall be given it but that of the prophet Jonah.

01 - Little Vision
By going inductive, our reasoning has become a tool of division that defies the atomic. There is no end to the cutting. This song is the opposite of "Looking Up". If we would only raise our eyes, we would see that we have become equal only in the depth of our isolation, that we have become equally insignificant. We would see the power derived from but no longer guided by the people threatens us all.

02 - Swallowed Everything
This directly references the album title. Asserting the meaninglessness of the universe at first glance appears a stand against superstition. But in the same way you should not advocate throwing the weak overboard because soon you will be the one wearing that label, so too the label of superstition turns out to be insatiable. The void is not satisfied with anything less than everything.

03 - Air Inside the Bubble
In a meaningless empty world, we try to erect barriers against the void. But like the prince in Poe's, "Masque of the Red Death", we find these barriers worse than useless because our corruption entered the shelter with us.

04 - Humpty
There is no ascent in the material world. Entropy breaks down everything. Energy runs down from hot to cold, organized to disorganized, and not one thing humanity does can change this. Uphill flows are illusions that fail to see the decay is merely displaced to another form.

05 - Cauldron
This is how we arrived at this wasteland. Two hundred years ago in the Enlightenment we thought we could boil away superstition in order to be left with solid facts. That was an insufferable conceit. Today anyone with eyes that see recognizes the cauldron is empty. We have burned the flesh off our bones, then cooked our bones to dust blown away on the wind. Oh yes, and grown still more conceited.

06 - Season of Sword
Rather than a machine winnowing reality from illusion, Truth divides us from our sin. We can choose to lay everything down and step across the line to stand with Jesus, or we will remain lying in our filth mocking purity. The Prince of Peace brought peace between you and God. Your neighbor who despises God will not embrace His followers.

07 - Bulletproof Men of Straw
These machine minds think they are invulnerable. In fact there is so little left of them Truth and Beauty pass right through them, undisturbed.

08 - Wizard's Gown
The descendents of alchemy cannot reach God. If God does not stoop to reach down to us, we have no hope at all.

09 - Kafka Fantasy
The trial to which the world subjects God has insane standards of evidence. Because of entropy we know the material is not eternal. Yet we try to apply material standards of evidence to the origin of the material. So too with humanity. If I blend with the crowd, eventually they will crucify me outside the city. And I will never understand why they do so. My humanity depends upon standing apart.

10 - Sphere of Soul
Just as we learned the world is not flat, wisdom teaches there is a largely unexplored planet inside us. The flat body you see is not the extent of our existence.

11 - Walls Made of Glass
All the barriers erected by the world to constrain us, to dehumanize us, are transparent to wisdom.

12 - Avon in the Round
Now that we can see through the walls, we can see the play in all its three dimensional glory. So too, once you can see the levels, Mirror Covenant provides a perspective on reality the world's critics say is impossible.

I look to the world for meaning, for an explanation of this evil and pain and isolation seen in Predator and in Deep. But instead of the bread of meaning I am given the stone of nihilism. I am told there is no meaning.

Surely thousands of years of philosophy came to some conclusion. Surely the paths of the deepest thinkers converge today in something that will help. Instead, just this: MEANINGLESS. My response is, "Life or your answer?" Only a nihilistic society of despair finds comfort in denying their existence any meaning. To feel better, we have given up all hope.

Human reason has imploded. This is what Frankl called the 'existential vacuum'. Human reason has declared the victory of defeat and quit the field. So winners must transcend human reason, Q.E.D. In the era that saw the Blackbird launched and retired, you would have thought by now humanity would have learned to live. Sadly, it is closer to the truth to say we have learned to die.

While today's cosmopolitan mocks religion, the irony is that his ideology is Zen Buddhism: minus the kindness. But I refuse to surrender to the void.

Another connection from Deep is that the threads seen in "Curio Shop" and in "Signature" have been cut. They lead back to a central but now empty desert wasteland where the thread ends hang limp. Those loose ends wait for someone to knot them together again for his own purposes.

The connection to the next albums is as follows:

The Void ideology produces two forms of society. One is the underground machine worshipers of Epiphany.

The other is the surface dwellers, the superficial squanderers of Shards & Facets who have been left behind by the minds made of metal.

In Epiphany the people are digging their own mass grave because they do not know which way is up and because they only think in mass terms. In Shards & Facets the people think wishes, sex and drugs will vanquish the barbarians at the gate. These two great strands dominate modern society: scientism and hedonism. The hedonists have the numbers because science is hard, Saginsanity notwithstanding. But the worshipers of power now have great power: without guidance.

One of the ironies of scientism and hedonism is that they are essentially poles of one another, scientism accepting the objective and rejecting the subjective, while hedonism is just the opposite. It is ironic that our secular society is dominated by two utterly incompatible doctrines. And we wonder at the divisions in our society.

"Air Inside the Bubble" ties to Soap Bubble Dream in that Epiphany's scientism society which has created the bubble where the pestilence of global dictatorship breeds and infects will eventually burst and vomit its poisons up to the surface where the superficial hedonists sit vulnerable; helpless in their drunken stupor.

Also in the sense of voiding the warrantee.

But the true Void is the empty place in our hearts only the Creator can fill. The strutting arrogance that says my creator was a nature that lacks the mind I possess is hollow. We are not greater than our Creator. It is the light of God's cognition that enables us to perceive the tiny fragment we see.

Void represent the flat earth of the soul. Nihilism's flat earth is that if you sail too far, you reach the edge of the tangible and tip over the edge. You fall into superstition. You fall into the void. The flat earth aspect is probably seen most clearly in "Sphere of Soul".

Void also contains some nuances of alchemy, the parent of science. This is probably seen most clearly in "Cauldron" and in "Wizard's Gown".

These images from olden days are appropriate. The modern philosophy examined in this album is little more than antique Enlightenment rationalism. It is time they had an update.

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