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Mirror Covenant was designed to maintain an image large enough for the band members to live with. We are growing as people and artists, and do not want to be forced to abandon our audience at some later date just because we have outgrown the original image. Breadth is a defense against stagnation and self-censorship.

We believe in producing quality work to the best of our current abilities. We are commanded to "do everything heartily, as unto the Lord".

Artists do not live in caves working madly on something no one else is intended to ever see. Artists are creators of a special product; deeply human communication.

If an artist expects to get paid for the product, they are a business. If America has learned anything, it is that it is bad business to produce inferior products. Albums that only run 30 minutes with two singles and eight filler songs are not quality. To be cliche, people want value for their money. They want music from the artist's heart. To the shame of the Church, contemporary Christian music has not always had a history of selling only top-of-the-line products. Providing eternal spiritual riches beyond comparison with worldly mammon is no excuse for lack of this-world product quality.

We also want to stand for a high level of artistic integrity. Once we release an album, it essentially becomes your album, your songs, because they become a part of your life. When I hear one of my favorite songs, it impacts my soul with the full context of what was going on in my life when I first heard it. When I encounter situations in my life, part of my view of those experiences is drawn from the songs I have heard. This is an intimate relationship.

We state here and now that we will never consent to your songs ending up as jingles on some car or beer or jean commercial. When I hear a song I have taken to my heart used to hawk some product, I feel like someone sold a piece of my soul. Was the song always just a commercial, and only now found its proper buyer?

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