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The name Mirror Covenant was chosen to be symbolic on several levels:


Art reflects Life, but Life as perceived by the artist.

The scene in a mirror brings together in a single plane objects that are in front, beside, and behind the viewer, symbolizing the way art unites the past, present, and anticipated future.

Paul described our vision of Jesus as, "seen in a glass, darkly, but (in the Life beyond) face to face."

We are created in God's image.

A mirror is also a symbol that we are not the Source of our life. Our lives are only representations of the glorified people God sees through the eyes of faith.  Jesus is the True Light, we reflect His light.

"True light is real, underived light, contrasted not with false light, but with those such as John (Baptist), who was but a lamp (John 5:35)."
(footnote to Gospel of John, verse 1:9, The New Oxford Annotated Bible)

The universe is not God, but a reflection of God.  Everything we see is not a part of God, but a creation of God.  In other words, proof, not pantheism.

Mirror also represents self-perception, which art must evoke if it is to have any genuine significance.  There are many carnival mirrors in the modern world, reflecting foolish distorted images of humanity.  We are not the great creators of reality who have right to strut across the stage of life.  Truth does not depend on us for its existence.  Nor are we are a cosmic joke barely distinguishable from a chimp.  We are not angel or demon or worm.

For if any be a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like a man beholding his natural face in a mirror. He sees himself then goes his way, and immediately forgets what manner of man he was. But the person who looks into the perfect law of liberty, and continues therein, not being a forgetful hearer but rather a doer of the word, this man shall be blessed in his deeds.
James 1:23-25


Covenant can be used to describe an intense shared mission. The band members are in covenant with each other to contribute their artistic identities to a collective work that greatly exceeds any one member's capabilities.

Covenant can describe the unity of the Body of Christ. We are in covenant with our brothers and sisters to have 'agape' toward each other.

Covenant is also the highest form of promise, an utter commitment symbolized in the marriage covenant between husband and wife.

Of course the major use is our covenant as the Bride of Christ, a covenant written in the Bible and sealed with Jesus' blood.

Covenant from the Biblical perspective is rich with meaning, most of which is lost on members of the technological society.  For us, the very idea of an oath for which a person would die before violating is alien.  Yet God Himself has placed His honor behind His covenant with us, and given His life for that covenant.

Mirror Covenant

When combined into Mirror Covenant, the name in basis means the formation of a kind of artistic marriage. The band members have committed to join their perceptions of life into a single reflection. The band as a whole has committed itself to the audience in a bond of artistic integrity, and to present a reflection of Life that will help the audience see their face and place in the unity of God's love. Above all, this band is committed to take its direction from God. Jesus in His role of the Servant did not speak His words, but rather what God told Him to say. Our heart is to follow our Lord as closely as we can.

If all this sounds mystical, you are hearing it right. God is a spirit, and those who worship Him must do so in Spirit and Truth.

If it seems we are taking this seriously, your perception is accurate. We have committed far too much of our private identities to view this as a "mere" job in entertainment.

If you think we have committed ourselves to standards beyond our ability, then you must already know human strength is inadequate.

Every time we fail, it will be from trying to operate this band through our own wisdom. But the beauty of the believer's covenant with God through Jesus is grace. A return to success is never more than a surrender to God away.

"Come on now, we're going to build a mirror-factory first and put out nothing but mirrors for the next year and take a long look in them."
Ray Bradbury

"That's why the word "psychology" is literally an oxymoron. "Logy" means "science", and "science" means analysis and quantification, and the psyche or self is precisely what does all analyzing and quantifying. It can no more be analyzed or quantified than light can be lit up, or a mirror appear as an object in a mirror. (Only the frame or boundary of a mirror can appear in a mirror, and only the frame or boundaries of the self can appear as an object to the self.)"
Peter Kreeft

The images of gestalt and covenant are related, in that the goal of a full blown covenant is to produce a gestalt. The place this is most easily seen is in the marriage covenant, producing the gestalt one flesh. It is seen again, far more deeply, in the New Covenant that joins us with one another in the Body of Christ, and from that unity to the Bride of Christ.

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