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Prayers Based on the Songs of the Series


"Art of Pantomime"
Lord, help me to understand myself. Help me grasp the depth of my need for You. Bring the family of believers together through Your Spirit Whom we share, effecting deep communication throughout the Body of Christ.

Father God cause me to recognize the infinite worth of every individual I encounter. Lead me into a deeper comprehension of Your capacity to change ANY life. Help me judge righteous judgment, deep judgment, instead of prejudice.

"Donner Party & LA Riot"
In the name of Jesus, I ask that people in need find the Church active in reaching out to them. Make our desire to bring love to them rather than condemnation. Yet prevent us from calling sin by a kinder name when the need to speak of sin arises. Fill me with compassion, fill me with the knowledge that but for Your grace and mercy, I would share their circumstances.

"The Dark Wall"
Teach me that every life is precious. Help me understand that each death steals from all of us. Remind my nation, and myself, that war is a last resort, so that we may lead quiet and peaceful lives. I lift up the parents of the fallen to You Lord, and ask that You bring them through their grief.

"Misasa Bridge"
Father God, I ask that no such weapons ever again be allowed to fall upon human beings. Obstruct our march to technological oblivion. Stir my compassion for those effected by the weapons of war.

"Sky of Smoke"
I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. God, thwart the ambitions of those who would commit fresh genocide. Open the understanding of racists and turn their stone hearts to flesh, tender with mercy like the mercy You have shown them.

"Dragon's Claw"
Frustrate the ambitions of the purveyors of infanticide. Fill pregnant women with love for their helpless unborn, and with horror and disgust at the very idea of putting their child to death. Lord, stand against the atrocities of Red China. Bend the evil of that government back upon itself, so that they are caught in the trap they laid for another.

"Finest Hour"
In Jesus' name, give me courage to stand openly for You regardless of any opposition. Send workers into Your fields, for the wheat is ripe for harvest. Cause the production of the material you would have remain for those left behind, and put that material into the right hands. Lord, cause Your children to shine clearly in the darkness. Make the choice between kingdoms unmistakable.

"Not Flesh & Blood"
Teach me to distinguish between sin and sinners. Do not let me either condone sin nor hate sinners. Bind the wicked spirits of this world. Let the captives hear the Gospel, and be set free. Help me to forgive as I have been forgiven.


"Ghost in Empty Clothes"
Father, instill in me a desire to walk with You in the cool of the evening. Keep the abyss of my need before me lest I go mad and think I can do any good thing on my own. Lord bring me through this land of shadow where You have sent me as an ambassador of Your grace. Comfort me on this alien soil.

"What Became"
The weight of my deliberate sins has bowed the back of a youth who once stood straight. Forgive me Lord; strengthen and straighten me. Help me remember that former child when I face those who are children now. Train me to be a vessel of Your blessing.

"Dark Illumination"
Forgive me Lord for squandering the good training with which You blessed my childhood. Being forgiven much, I am now the more grateful. Turn the error of my ways into whatever light you can wrest from what I have done.

"Curse of Vision in Hell"
Ease the weight of the knowledge of evil that darkens my vision so that my joy can pour forth and water the desert around me. Raise up the fruit of Your Spirit in me. Keep me from the disaster of trusting in my own understanding.

"Deep Beneath the Veil"
Lord help me see through this vale of tears. Cause Your deep to call out to Your Spirit deep in my heart. Keep me in the center of the channel of Your perfect will. Guide me through the strait gate and the narrow way that lead to Life.

Please catch me in Your arms as I learn to let go of my petty talents. Teach me to trust You completely. Lift me above the troubles that surround me.

"Night Curtain"
Darken my pride to let the light of Your holiness pass through.

"Silver Light"
Do not allow my realization of inadequacy to destroy me. Fill me with Your sufficiency such that it overflows to quench others' thirst.

"Mirror My Old Enemy & Friend"
Help me recognize my friend is a man who submits himself to You - and that my enemy is the man in the mirror who imagines that reflection self sufficient.

"Curio Shop"
Lord, reveal Your signature in my life. Show me the pattern of relationships from which You have woven my identity.

Teach me to recognize Your nature through Nature. Remind me I daily participate in the miraculous. Cause every rock and tree to shout Your praise, to testify of Your majesty to each human heart.


"Little Vision"
Draw me back to Your center. Gather us around You.

"Swallowed Everything"
Lord, help me see that only in You do I live and move and have my being.

"Air Inside the Bubble"
Free me from the world's system. Teach me Your thoughts.

Only You can lift us out of our decay.

Lead me into works that will endure the fire of Your judgment. Help me be unafraid of society's vain taste in universes.

"Season of Sword"
Cut my sin away. Teach me Truth, no matter how unpopular.

"Kiss the Chip"
Keep before my eyes the Truth that we are made in Your image.

"Wizard's Gown"
Lord, You alone are worthy to receive riches and glory and honor. All things exist for Your pleasure.

"Kafka Fantasy"
Rescue me from the bondage of my era. Strengthen my rebellion against this present darkness.

"Sphere of Soul"
Make me aware my eyes show appearances instead of underlying Truth. Give my eyes righteous judgment.

"Walls Made of Glass"
Remind me each morning that nothing is hidden which will not be revealed.

"Avon in the Round"
Seeing as I am compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, mend the flaws I bring to the role You wrote for me before the world began.


"The Tower"
Lord, You are why I exist. My every talent, every right, every shred of value I possess derives from You.

"Give Yourself"
Heavenly Father, deliver me from both bad company and isolation. Reveal to me both the season to embrace and the season to refrain from embracing.

"Sleeper's Lament"
Thank You that Truth sets us free. Teach me to redeem the time, for the days are evil.

"Surprised & Incomplete"
Stock Your embassy, provide for Your ambassadors in this alien land.

"Underground Life"
Lead me in the paths of righteousness for Your name's sake.

"Open Your Heart"
Engulf me in the wonder of Your creation. Let my heart be filled by the sacred joy revealed in Your handiwork.

"Secret Flame"
Teach me to give as I have received, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus both with my words and through my deeds.

"Wake Up"
Awaken Your Love in me. Use me as a vessel to carry the oil of Your Love to a generation in darkness.

Give me the patience to plant and water in hope, even though often the harvest will come to another of Your laborers. Do not let sorrow crush me.

Shards & Facets

"Thrown Away"
Keep the value of every soul before my eyes.

"Lonely Flame"
Help me love my enemies. Help me return blessing for cursing.

"Take Wing"
Do not let betrayal harden my heart. Give me the heart of forgiveness You displayed on the cross.

"If He Could"
Free me from the prison I created thinking it would protect me.

"Tears for My Totem"
As for my people, we are bought for beads. Show us true riches.

"Time to Turn Around"
Heal our Fall. Restore us to the communion with You scarce tasted since Eden.

"Solid Core"
Exchange my counterfeit for Your wisdom. Reestablish Your throne in the center of my life.

"Fossil from a Soul"
Save me from chronological snobbery. Nourish me on the fruits of the Spirit planted by righteous people before I was born. May I live so that my works similarly endure.

"Standing Stone in Winter"
Gather together Your people. Lead us into the unity that will usher in the Return, and the establishment of Your kingdom on the new Earth.

"Curve of the Earth"
Strengthen me against the gradual retreat from the position You instructed us to take. Lift my spirit above the weight of sin that so easily besets me so that I may watch New Jerusalem alight.

Personal God

"Looking Glass Self"
Show my true face to me. Then show me the grace I will need to recover from that sight.

"Where Do I Belong"
Do not leave me prisoner to the opinion of the crowd. Do not cut me off from the communion of the saints. Balance my life between hermit and drone.

"Four Walls"
I am a sinful person, and the child of a sinful people. Were it not for Your mercy I would be without hope. Thank You Father for breaking into my desolation with Your salvation.

Where can I flee from You Lord? I flee surrender to Your will like a fool. Grow in me a hunger for Your service.

"Hid Too Well"
Though I may deceive others, Lord I cannot hide from You. My sins lie exposed to Your sight. Yet You loved me when I was still Your enemy.

"Bottom of the Stair"
I am so far from Eden, from the New Jerusalem, that my sorrow crushes me to the ground. Lord, You are the lifter of my head. Strengthen me for the work that still lies ahead.

Because Your thoughts are not my thoughts, Lord transform me by the renewing of my mind.

"Needle's Eye"
Help me lay aside all my attributes and come to You as a soul and not a thing. I cannot impress You. In many regards I cannot serve You, for You have no lack. I thank You for the grace whereby You receive me.

"Draw Me Forth"
Weave my heart together with other members of Your Body. Give me a place in Your congregation.

"Still Feel the Stone"
Thank You for Your Word. Thank You for Your Spirit. Thank You for the grace to walk the strait way that leads to Your throne.


"Medea Media"
Give me the wisdom to discern the bias in the media.

"Back Room Invitation"
Keep my heart pure lest I begin to think of myself more highly than I ought.

"Madcap Nominee"
Save me from getting what I want instead of what You desire for me.

"We Like Our Heroes Dead"
Help me resist the temptation to reify any man, poor or famous.

"Ghost of Rome"
Strengthen me so that I repeat the message You spoke during the last peak of secular power.

"Practice Beast"
Bring to nothing the plans of the Beast. Frustrate his intentions and in the end cast him and his false prophet alive into the lake of fire.

Keep us aware that faithfulness in great things is preceded by faithfulness in little things.

"Volcano and the Sea"
Though the heathen rage, You are in control. You are never taken by surprise. The apparent victory of the pride of life is but for a day.

Bring me to the fellowship of the meek. Help me recognize Your strength made complete by my weakness.

"Sinai's Mountain"
As I stumble and fall, again, in the bog, keep before my eyes the knowledge of Your victory. Encourage me with Your Kingdom.


"Signal Flare"
Call the diffused members of Your Body to the surface so that anywhere people look they see servants of the Great King.

"Things & Thoughts of Time"
Lift my vision above the material lest I forget my destination.

"Pearl Smoke"
Clarify my heart so that I may see my way.

"Amputation Animals"
Make people's spirits revolt against the lie that we are merely flesh.

"Let It Go"
Heal the scar tissue bitter experience has cut into my heart. Teach me Your joy.

"Plain In View"
Give me patience to follow Your call to completion. Strengthen me to work when even friends cannot grasp the vision.

"People You've Met"
Lord, choose my friends. Bring every thought into captivity to Your will.

Come quickly Lord Jesus.

"Extend the Song"
Help the art of believers be a strong force of unification in Your Body.

"Gravity Well"
Help us lift each other out of isolation and into communion with each other and You.

"As I Look"
Grant me the opportunity to learn to see as You see, to think as You think, to speak as You speak. Fill my mouth with praise of Your glory and mercy and grace - of Your unimaginable Love.

Beyond Self

"Perhaps Then"
Keep my eyes on You. Do not allow me to set any other person on Your throne in the center of my heart. Then grant me close union with one other; a union based on love that hopes all things, endures all things, believes all things.

"Highway Demons"
From the beginning You left open the choice of destruction as well as the fruit of the Tree of Life. Help me to remember freewill in my relationships.

"Bury Each Other"
Lord, the consequences of sin are beyond my imagination. Comfort me in my grief.

"Corner of My Eye"
Lord, save me from destruction. Forgive me. Teach me how to forgive myself.

"A Dancing Colt"
Bring Your light into my darkness. Restore my soul.

"Come Out"
Build my home.

"Family Man"
Give me seed to sow into our union. Help me tend the fruit of the Spirit.

"How Do I Know"
Open my heart to You. Reveal Your heart to me.

Father, I long for Your touch. My world shrinks down to my desire for You.

"Sleeping Silent"
Raise up Your Body. Awaken Your Bride.

Write Your Love on the pages of my heart.


"Beginning But No End"
Teach me the value of every soul.

"Hope of Our Future"
Strengthen me to stand in the gap for those who cannot yet defend themselves.

"Rip It Out"
Grant me opportunity to bring honor to my legacy. Thank You for my forefathers. May my heirs have cause to thank You as well.

Thank You that as I draw nearer, Your face becomes clearer. And in Your eyes, so does mine.

"Brave New Moreau"
Do not let me fall into the pit of thinking my wisdom adequate. Protect us from the well intentioned fool.

"The Grove"
I am an unclean person of an unclean tribe. God forgive us. Let Your mercy triumph over the judgment we have earned with each drop of blood.

"Stem Sell"
Lord, how can this happen in a nation dedicated to human rights?

"Human with a Cat"
Forgive our hunger to have wickedness and misery served to us with our microwave meals.

"A Child's Dream"
Have mercy on me regarding the failings of my stewardship. Strengthen what remains.

"Children of This Generation"
Lord, let the children listen. Let them learn from instruction rather than the experience of destruction. Heal the typical divide between the generations so that we may work together for Your glory.


"Not a Thing"
Save me from the lie that religion is a private matter.

"Tolerant People"
Help me overcome the temptation refer to sin by any other name.

"Silence of Crowds"
Teach me to discern when silence is sin.

"Circus Wind"
Establish me so the struggle for purity does not make me fall from walking by the Spirit to enforcing the Law.

"Leaf in the Storm"
Do not let the storm of a world tipping into the abyss tear me from Your Vine.

"October Dream"
Teach me to respect the season when life must gather itself underground. Teach me the wisdom of deep roots.

"Bird Cloud"
Thank You Lord that Your Church is not dead, but rather slumbers.

"Dream Strider"
Lord call us up from the ground. Awaken Your Church.

"Looking Up"
Tell us again where to look for Your coming. Remind us the Groom is on the way.

"Haunted by Charlie"
Do not let me forget the past I carry within me. Do not let me forget how confused and frightened I was, lest I fail to have compassion on those new to their souls.

Send workers into Your fields that are already white with harvest.

"Stasis Quo"
Teach me to walk in Your freedom. Fill me with boldness to do Your will.


"Enter the Dragon"
Bring to nothing the plans of our enemy. Strip him of mobility. Bruise his head.

"This Stolen Vision"
Give me the grace I must have to live with the responsibility of discernment. Have mercy on my many failings to meet the obligations of my stewardship.

Turn back the Curse You suffered on the cross.

"How Can I Do Less"
Come into our world Lord and save us from our well earned destruction.

"God Learned to Bleed"
Thank You for sending Your Son to die on the cross for me, and then for raising Him up from the dead.

"Christ Divided"
Bring to an end the divisions in Your Body that hinder the return.

"Blind Hand"
Teach us to rejoice in the differences among the members Your Body.

"Babel Rescinded"
Heal the confusion of communication in Your Body. Unify us.

"John 17"
Grant us the unimaginable unity demonstrated by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

"Breath of Life"
Fill Your Bride with Your Spirit. Bring us into Your home.

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Prayers Based on the Songs of the Series