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Altar Angel
© February 14, 2007, Roy Stucky

A liquid sun is dripping off the sky
While flicker stars are leaping down to land.
The brave in caves while peeking out may spy
The altar angel pulling back his hand.

Curse while you still can
'Cause soon you're going to bow.

It's all about position,
You're standing on the line.
Today's for freely choosing.
That will end with Time.

The shattered seashore reeks of death below.
The blood of prophets fills your drink.
Receive the justice you refused to show.
A chain you kissed at every link.

So curse at everything
'Cause soon you're going to bow -

At the Throne if you don't now.

Angels shout their warnings.
You hear what they say.
"Seek the Star of Morning."
You despise the day.

Curse while you may
'Cause soon you're going to bow.

On this God made a vow.