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The focus in Night Curtain was out to the infinite stars. The focus moves closer in this song as the moon rises.

This song is a counterpoint to Silver Light, where the moon revealed an empty colorless world. Here the moon is a reminder, by being created, of the Creator, filling everything with His presence.

The style of this song is to use the contrast between nature and humanity as a metaphor of the contrast between God's way and the pride-driven way of humanity.

"Earth turns it's face" is that our seemingly stationary world is anything but fixed. The image alludes to the call to "turn" our attention back to the Creator.

"White as the whale" is a reference to Melville's Moby Dick, which has been seen as a metaphor of the force of nature pitted against humanity's blind pursuit of revenge and conquest. This song uses Ahab and sea imagery to represent human pride in a similar fashion to how the myth of Icarus is used in Falling.

"Rusted old harpoons" are symbolic of the wicked remnants of the war between man and God; between man and nature; symbolic of the failures of human wisdom. By extension the symbol represents humanity being pierced through by many sorrows of our own making.

"Rising illusion" takes the "earth turns" image and plays it against the modern upside down view of progress.

"Curve of human streets" ties to Curve of The Earth, in that with our feet plodding on the ground, in an environment of our own making, the horizons are close to us, symbolizing finite human perspective.

"Glory by design" is that existence itself testifies of God. This belief is called teleology. That existence very much carries a discernable pattern, the study of which pattern we call science, is only further testimony.

"Finite despair" is our turmoil at being frail limited mortal creatures on this tiny planet, 'at the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy' as Douglas Adams might say. If our feeble wisdom is everything there is, nothing has meaning. If the only hope lies solely in our finite hands, there is no hope.

"Crystal candle" ties to Silver Light in that what was a colorless dead existence is now a symbol of purity, and stands in contrast to the "tallow gloom". Further, that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord. The image of illumination ties to the New Jerusalem where God will be our light.

The "signature of God" in nature ties to the As I Look line, "was it an accident, the cosmos and the sea", in that only educated human insanity could believe the material world sprang from nothing of it's own accord. Void, for no reason, just suddenly gave birth to a cosmos? Yes, quite scientific. This is a materialistic counterpart to the foolish idea that man created God in his own image, that man is his own god. Hubris deluxe.

"Cabin" plays on the seafaring image as the artificial environment we have built for ourselves, particularly in the cities where our lights blind us to the stars. It is my enthrallment with my own cares. It also alludes to my being my own captain instead of letting God take authority in my life. On a somewhat larger level the cabin is spaceship Earth. For people who are not highly "educated" enough to be immune to Truth, only in urban life's make-believe world can it appear even half-rational to believe man is the God-creating pinnacle of the universe. In fact, the recent belief in extraterrestrial life was in large part conjured up to make such a position less nakedly absurd. On a mountain beneath the stars "normal" people grasp their comparative insignificance.

"Tallow gloom" is our feeble artificial illumination, the human candle contrasted with God's "crystal candle" of the moon. My journey compares to the one God has planned for me like a tallow candle's light compares to that of the full moon.

"Storms of hot concern" are awards and woes I think important. Perspective shows the vast majority of these to have been distractions, things that obstructed the surrender necessary for the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The image is the ship being driven by storms. Traveling over a featureless and often stormy ocean, guidance comes from looking up.

"Earth's greater pace" is that the Earth is spinning on it's axis, circling the sun, and hurtling away from the point of the Big Bang. Yet from a human perspective the ground is a metaphor of all that is stationary. This is a contrast of human perspective and God's.

"Hidden from atheist and dried out pharisee" who walk in the deception of the light that sears out the eyes.

"Took on flesh" is the Incarnation where Jesus left the Throne of Heaven to take on flesh.

"Open up the way" to union with the infinite God.

"Closed by the price of sin" the way the day sky cuts us off from star-lit infinity.

"No fallen man" is that no mere man could purchase redemption, any more than a human being could create the cosmos. It is the absolute core of Christianity that salvation is utterly dependent upon God's grace.

It is ironic to hear a scientist say, when speaking of possible life elsewhere in the universe, say, "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." If fair to apply this reasoning to alien life, why is it unfair to apply it to the existence of God?

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Prior Description Song 11 DESCRIPTION - Signature First Description
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