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Back To The Light

© December 1995, Mike Vogt & Roy Stucky

When my life goes astray
In weary gaming
Day on day ebb flowing away
In the chase.

Life is laid like a snare,
Cast iron chaining.
God alone can act on my prayer.
Show me grace.

Stories never begun
Tell no tale.
Born to walk in the sun
My face is cavern pale.

Again tonight
Without a shred of sight
I write in Braille.
And it seems a feeble way to start.

But deeply burning Word
Can turn the sound that's heard
Into pictures fit to fill the heart.

The Spirit calls our name
So let us touch the flame.

Strangest of fates
And though I’m free
Do what I hate
To see within me.
I love and then I run
Out of the light
Out of the light
Madly fleeing from the Son.

Touching pen upon page,
Reclusive venue
Hidden far from lights on the stage -
No reply.

Forcing sight into signs,
How can I break through
Shadow’s mask into the divine?
Yet I try.

Please don’t mock at the tears
I show you.
Who's immune to the fears
That cry there's nothing true?

This song’s a dream
That filters down between
The theme and you -
Barely conscious stream that flees my soul.

The God of all who live
Enables me to give
When I bow my knee to His control.

I choose to be made wise
In God's and not my eyes.

God's holy grace
To lead me home -
Running the race
But not on my own.
His heart and mine as one.
Back to the light
Back to the light
Glad the journey's nearly done.

Your love is more than my life could buy -
Son of the Holy One Most High.
Life has just begun to fly.