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"Love of Truth" is the reason why we care about doctrine.

"Has broken down" because we treat our partial understanding as complete.

"Still sincere" is that we do not differ over doctrine just because we want to push other believers away from us.

"Light we see" is the Word.

"Think we know" is that no denomination has a full understanding of the Word. Each are strong in some areas, weak in others.

"Prism's bow" is a metaphor on light being broken by a prism into separate colors. The world, in it's typical upside down fashion, has taken the rainbow as an image of unity, when in fact the light that was already united is now broken apart. Where the light of God has been broken by the prism of human understanding into Christian denominations, we are called to pull that rainbow through the prism of Jesus the Christ so that it returns to the unity in which it came from God.

As an aside, this concept is NOTHING like the unitarian delusion that all religions are aspects of the Truth. Christian doctrine says there is one God. Hindu doctrine that there are many. Buddhist doctrine says there is no God at all. (or reality for that matter) If any of these are correct, only one is, and the others are wrong.

Look around you. Even physical reality is not a grab bag of ideas that are 'right' when you mix them all together. Even physical reality teaches you right as distinct from wrong. If you think two plus two equals seventeen, your opinion will be tolerated in the same way people tolerate a person who thinks they are a tulip. If you think eat rat poison because you think it nutritious, the physical world will quickly let you know you are quite mistaken. If you say a triangle may have any number of sides, you will be dismissed as an idiot. If you jump off a building because you think you can fly, the physical world will very quickly show you the error of your ways.

Why are we so drawn to taking what would be stupidity in the material world and making it a religion? Because we wish our wishes had power. We want reality to conform to us rather than conforming ourselves to reality. We want to tell God what to do instead of doing what He tells us to do. We wish we were God.

"Division wedges split our heart" plays "wedge" on "prism", on 'driving a wedge between' denominations, and on how a wedge splits rocks and logs by working against the internal, hidden planes of division, one blow at a time. It also plays on "crack" as the little sign of that internal division.

"Doctrine fragments fly apart" is that we take our understanding of some aspect of God's Truth and run off into a corner to gloat on how well we have done in grasping this piece. The wedge splits off a piece small enough for our little minds to pick up, and we think our ability to lift that shard shows we are strong.

"Savior shows us all one mind" is that we have the mind of Christ, not the minds. One God, one faith.

"It's time that we decided" just how many Words there are.

"Is Christ divided?" ties straight to the Scripture where Paul was chastening the church for saying they were followers of this or that Christian instead of Christ.

"The Groom" is Jesus.

"Would be delighted" if He had a Bride instead of a bunch of warring cells acting like bodies.

"Lutholic Bapterian" and so on are pieces of denominational names stuck together; in this instance Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, and Presbyterian. This represents how muddled up we've made things. It's not good enough to call ourselves Christians?

"A human lead" of the subset of the Word chosen by a human organization.

"Major on some minor creed" is that we magnify the minor doctrinal differences between denominations into a justification for condemning each other. This is irrational, because the Body being One is a major point of doctrine. Dividing over minor points of doctrine is a violation of a major doctrine. Strain out a gnat and swallow a camel. Of course this does not mean you should swallow the gnat, but that if you swallow either, choose the gnat.

This takes on a great importance today because there are so many religions and sects that violate central points of Christian doctrine, that hold doctrines of devils which will lead their believers to Hell. The central question of doctrine is, 'What say you of Christ?' If we agree upon Jesus born of a virgin being the Son of God, fully God and fully man, Who though without sin died on the cross as the sacrifice for our sin, descended into Hell and resurrected on the third day into the Body in which He walked again among the disciples then ascended to the right hand of God the Father from where He will one day return to Earth as the ruling Lord, then what are we doing squabbling about immersion vs. sprinkling or the Baptism of the Holy Spirit being one or two events?

"Was Jesus' message so unclear" that we can't agree on what He said? Will we not lay aside the errors of doctrine that exist in all our denominations and submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus?

"God indicting Body fighting" is that God condemns both squabbling among believers, and doing combat through human strength.

"God inviting Word reciting" is that God calls on us to meditate on the Word day and night so that we might do what is written therein.

"God inciting Spirit guiding" is stirring up the gift that is within us, of being led by the Holy Spirit Who joins our hearts together.

"God igniting Love abiding" is that the Lord is a refining flame, burning away the thorns that choke our lives so that His Love can be shed abroad from our hearts.

This fade section forms a progression of indicting, inviting, inciting, igniting. God tells us what we are doing wrong, calls on us to draw near him, plants the desire in us to walk with Him, and lights the flame of His nature within us.

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