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Every and Each
© April 2008, Roy Stucky

When the beat of my heart
Starts pounding me down
I begin to withdraw
From the hole in the ground
Where I began to sink a root -
Produce fruit.

Each day you learn a little more
How everything should be.
Each day you seek to sight that shore
Across the present sea.

When the turn of a phrase
Ties tongues into knots
Then I cannot escape
The scope of my thoughts
Reduced to one half-open eye -
That just cries.

The tick of time has come too soon
Although its very late.
Your choices would be better formed
If only they would wait.

They said I was a dreamer boy who lived untouched by pain.
I took it as a challenge to an artist worth the name.
I dug in dirty corners where the devils made their bed.
I tangled with the scholars who said God is better dead.
I learned that human nature is unnatural as sin.
I looked into a looking glass that looked too deep within.

Closer than my window.
Deeper than the sea.
Brighter than the stars that burn
So far away from me.

Tighter than the night air
That's drawn into my chest.
Higher than the price I pay
To fail to meet the test.

Every day that you delay
Extend's the ruin's curse.
Every day its tomb's convey
The scent of something worse.

Like Adam I looked
On evil as gain.
The fallen men said
God's Life was too tame.

At once I was thrown -
And not on a mat.
I wanted to learn -
I guess I've done that.

Every day you learn a little more about the secret
Standing so much closer than before.
You would tell the world what lies inside the central secret
But you have never made it through that door.

Out - In - Through.
And in you.
Out - In - Through.
Life made new.
Out - In - Through.
Seek what's true.
Out - In - Through.
Even you in outer darkness
Stand in glory's reach.
Will you come to the light or
Curse those who preach?

Every and each day I run in the race
Destruction is inches along my own way.
Every and each day needs mercy and grace.
I see why the wise choose to choose to obey.