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This song is an old man telling a young friend to turn to Jesus when he's still got his life ahead of him, rather than wasting most of his time on Earth before accepting the Truth.

On another level the song is about the twin errors of rejecting all models or of following the wrong ones.

"Thirty thousand suns" is roughly 82 years.

"Elusive prize" is accomplishing something meaningful on our own, apart from God. It always seems just beyond our reach, and that if we would only redouble our efforts, we'd break through to the other side.

"Own mistakes" is how difficult it seems to be for us to learn from other people's lives instead of needing to personally step on those same landmines.

"Lore" is the fable that science has all the answers. Science reduces real world questions down to something the human mind can grasp. Though obviously already demonstrating the scientific rules being examined, raw existence is so complex we are unable to discern the underlying patterns. Science is a reductionist approach to existence, knowledge by dissection, because human beings are so astoundingly finite.

Do not think by this we are disparaging science. Rather, that science has its place. It is useful for discussing how nutrients enter a cell. It is useless for discussing the essential nature of a human being. Sadly, this has led some to conclude that anything science cannot address is inherently unreal.

Science holds as one of it's core ideas that it cannot provide absolute knowledge. Yet this central premise has been twisted into scientism, which holds there is no absolute knowledge at all because material understanding cannot be absolute and there is no other knowledge. I believe this was what Paul was talking about in his letter to Timothy when he told him to avoid the "oppositions of science falsely so called." Scientism is not science, but what must be called a religion extrapolated from science. Science is clear about areas outside it's scope. But scientism goes another step, and reduces "reality" into whatever will fit within those limits.

Scientism could be dismissed as merely silly in it's wishing away everything that cannot be weighed or measured; as being little more than the way an infant thinks hiding his head makes him invisible because he can't see anything, or the way a child thinks hiding her head under the covers will protect her from the monsters in her closet; if were not that it has become the fundamental belief of the age.

Scientism, in effect, asks to be shown God. We should ask to be shown the wind. You do not see wind, you see it's effect. You do not see God, you see His universe. We should just as well ask what justice weighs or the specific gravity of love or the color of truth or the speed of dignity. We believe though we do not see directly.

This is why the ridiculous cosmology of evolution is required. Otherwise there is no scientific reason either why or even how the universe could exist. So to escape God, we are expected to believe either the universe is a perpetual motion machine that has always existed and always will exist, or that it 'created' itself out of absolutely nothing for no reason.

Ironically, both alternatives are as 'unscientific' as anything could be. One requires throwing out the second law of thermodynamics, grossly simplified to 'everything runs down'. The other requires both throwing out the first and second law of thermodynamics and a causeless effect, the grand scheme of the Quantum Universe notwithstanding. If you can believe that absolute nothingness will 95 times out of 100 spontaneously generate a cosmos, good luck to you.

The next phase, through which we are now moving, is to blend scientism with a child's understanding of equality. Pluralism in effect is that all people have a right to hold their own opinions.

This has been made stupid by extending it to be that everyone's opinions are equally valid. So if I believe a triangle has four sides, that is a valid opinion.

Combine this with the idea there is no reality other than the material and you have nilhism with an absolute intolerance of 'intolerance', with a sanction against anyone who says anything means anything.

It is no longer enough to believe there is nothing to believe in. Now you are required to attack anyone who believes in anything except nothing, lest you be labeled as tolerating 'intolerance'. It is no longer enough to give up the search for Truth. Now we deny the existence of Truth and call anyone who believes in objective Truth (except the Truth of no Truth) a bigot. So in the name of pluralism we have it's precise reverse. And then trust to be smug.

"End the war" is how the crusade against Vietnam evaporated at war's end rather than continuing in the path of cries for justice, leading instead to the 1980's greed creed.

"Broad avenue" is drawn from Scripture.

"Road at the start seemed right" is drawn from Scripture.

"Spirit hermaphrodite" is used, loosely, to describe being spiritually self sufficient. The Word says clearly no person can save themselves.

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Prior Description Song 2 DESCRIPTION - Give Yourself Next Description
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