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Hive Waking Hum
© 2004, Roy Stucky

The glorious sounds of this music
Are found in the tones of the young
Who carry inside them a yearning
For silence and hive waking hum.

The curtains and lights and vain cameras
Will never decide who is wrong
As tidy professional players
Despair to evoke the true song.

Awaiting the opening stanza
The crowd wonders who will break down
In tears at the mystery voices
Uprising from shrines underground.

Some people are blind to the motion
As moles pay no mind to a jet
But sages with strings for their weapons
Still mingle our joy with regret.

The time for the actors is coming
To know who will call for a card
To show who is worthy of notice
And who should be thrown in the yard.

Listen. Who will be judged worthy of life, and who of being spare parts?