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On its own, the song is about the technological disease of shrugging off questions of ‘why' as values someone else will need to address later.  Deeper, it is a symbol of the way we live without consideration of Life's full potentials.

Methods are not epiphanies, but rather its children.  Until you see the context of the Why, the logic of the How cannot be understood.   Doing an outstanding job of building gallows for your own execution is hardly a wise activity.

"Believe only in touch" is materialism, or even more absurdly constrained, behaviorism.   In the context of the ancient Greek debate shown by Raphael in "The School of Athens", it is Aristotle instead of Plato.

"Hearts perceive" is that our hearts tell us there is more to life than what can be weighed and measured and clocked.

"Buy up so much" is that one outgrowth of materialism is our consumer search for happiness that not only does not satisfy, but also distracts us, keeps us too busy to see what's real.

"Circular strife" is a play on building a circular tower (of course the Word does not tell us Babel's shape), but also works on a couple of different levels.  One is that the human search for Truth goes round in circles, quarreling with each other, in other words failing to communicate, because there is a very limited scope to human understanding. Unless God comes into our world, we cannot overcome our finite sight.

Another level is the Eastern idea of the wheel of reincarnation, where the goal of the struggle to be holy is to break out of the circle and stay dead when you die.  "There's no room to receive Life" because this ideology is searching for final death.

"Layer by layer" plays on the stories of the Tower as it rises as an image that we have not strayed so far from reality in a day.  Once we buy into the mindset of the fatal myths, time is all that is required for us to find ourselves completely out of touch.

"The way back down" is that our 'forward looking' culture just keeps going ahead, oblivious to the wrong turn we took so long ago.  'Progress' in getting ourselves more and more lost is hardly something in which to take pride.  On another level this is that human projects become self justifying, commonly going on long after the reason for being has vanished.

"Blood to these stones" is that the 'life' of things, like the corporation as a legal entity, has become more important than the blood of real living people.  How often does this world teach us things like 'no employee is irreplaceable' or to plan ahead so 'the company can continue' after the departure or death of the person who created it?

While it makes sense from a materialistic standpoint, in a certain light this is an abomination, because no human being can ever be replaced, while corporations and organizations are just things as dead as Tower stones.  What has happened is that we stand reality on it's head by treating people as things and things as people.

The flavor behind this image is that of the Egyptian pyramids, in that real blood was spilled lifting real stones up as a monument to a dead man, making the pyramid thrice dead.

"The lie" is that the human attempt to reach God can work.  If God had not reached down to us, we would be without hope.  On another level it is the above mentioned lie that people are things and things are people.

"We do what we can because it's there" ties to a quote attributed to someone in the Manhattan Project, ‘It was necessary because it was possible.'

"Pandora's box" is that the enticing box modern society naively opened, and has left wide open, has loosed troubles on us from which we cannot escape. When all this curiosity was set in motion, did we really intend to open the door on the possibility of our eradicating the planet?

As an aside, I believe many of the people who say they will only believe what is supported by material evidence, to be people who reached a point in their lives where they determined no one was ever again going to play them for a fool.

What is sad about this is that once you assume that fundamental attitude of distrust, no one need play you for a fool. You now do it to yourself.

In order to avoid humiliation, you now chop off the highest realms of being human, and sink to being a thinking animal, a momentary alignment of biochemical subsystems of no more intrinsic worth than a toad.

Since it is not material, rather than love you can only have lust. Since it cannot be measured, rather than a self you can only have a convenient illusion of identity. Since it cannot be touched, rather than a mind you can only have a brain. Since it cannot be experimentally verified, rather than Truth you can only have a provisional preponderance of the evidence. By avoiding risk, you are left with nothing to risk.

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