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Do you know what its like to be ugly

1. High School

Camera follows as young man walks through doors into a high school hallway.

To know why people stare

2. Stare

Youths at lockers, most in small groups, turn to stare as camera follows young man down hallway.

To be told you're nice But have no one deeply care

3. No

Cut to young man facing lovely girl by her locker. She smiles, polite, then listens an instant, and shakes her head No. On the wall top frame left is a poster proclaiming an upcoming dance. As she shakes her head, the scene slides into slow motion. Just before cut to next shot the focus goes slightly blurred. (tears)

Its having dreams you can't deny

4. Dream

Cut to 'dream' blurred scene, camera now become young man. That girl is looking into camera with a smile of love as 'they' whirl around the floor of a dress ball.

That only bring despair Too afraid to even hope For a love that you can share

5. Walk for home

Hard cut to camera behind young man as he walks out of school into scattered snowcover under a brilliant sun. In the parking lot that girl is just reaching a black Porsche, with a big guy in a letter jacket. One other guy in a letter jacket is standing at the car already. Young man's head, slightly bowed, never turns to look at them, but they are clearly in his field of view. Camera follows as he turns right to skirt the parking lot and begin down the school's driveway toward home. As he begins down the driveway, several cars go past on his left.

Why must we be cruel Shun those not the same

6. Snowball

A snowball comes flying in from left offscreen and smashes ("why" timing) into the left side of the young man's head. An instant later the black Porsche rockets by, a man's hand held out the rear right window flipping him the bird. The young man breaks stride for just an instant, then resumes his walk home. When he pauses the camera stops. When he resumes, the camera remains stationary, so that they young man is walking away from the camera.

Why do we fan the fire that Burns souls in lonely flame?

7. Camping

As the young man gains distance from the camera, a slow superimpose dissolves the scene into a closeup of a woodfire. Camera then pulls back to show young man staring into a campfire in the woods. He is sitting on a rolled-out sleeping bag. It is dusk.

( This scene is not intended to imply that he is homeless. )

The school-time social life The peer-group razor knife
The poison jokes they tell The moments of empty hell

8. Derision montage

Hard cut to montage:
Young man sits down in lunch room at end of table and half the table nearest him gets up and leaves.

Young man walks on sidewalk past lawn party, to jeers.
Large youth trips young man in hall, and his books go sliding down the tile floor.

Youth enters classroom, and near the back someone says something while looking directly at young man, and the group around this person laughs, and turn to look at young man too.

Young man in an empty classroom, books and papers spread on the desk before him, but he's just staring out into space.

Until at last hate builds a wall That will not let you see

9. Campfire to Wall

Cut back to campfire, now nearly night. The trees morph into brick walls, which then rise up into the sky. Brief clips of youth and campfire at bottom of what is now a brick well, camera looking down into the well from above, intersperse previous ground level shot with walls towering.

How their acts controlled you

10. Bricklaying

Young man from waist up, background a grey haze, is laying bricks on a waist-high wall.

Led you to captivity

11. Captivity

Young man on knees, hands manacled behind back, clamp around neck with chain angling right out of frame.

Why did you burn in us The brand of dark names
Is your delight the fire that Burns souls in lonely flame

12. Branding iron

Tiny 'nerd' sprawled on floor. Group of three guys and two girls watch laughing as another youth stands over nerd with a branding iron ( which says, "Reject" ). Young man steps forward and grabs youth by his shirt front, and pulling their faces mere inches apart, begins violently shaking him. The iron falls to the floor. Young man turns his head slightly to look a the rest of the group, and though his expression is unseen by the camera, they appear to no longer find the incident amusing.

Its up to us to see new To see ourselves from God's view

13. Mirror

Mirror hung on a brick wall, who's reflection cycles through a baboon, a hog, a snake, a rat. A golden cross enters frame from just under camera and smashes the mirror into a cloud of fragments and smoke. Cloud quickly clears to show an ornate, full-length mirror, in which is seen a man of our young man's build, who looks like an angel, who is Beauty itself.

Man is blind But God's true

14. King Lear

A man with blindfold twists and turns, slashing the air with a sword. Like King Lear? Richard?.

When Jesus rose He broke through

15. Stone rolled away

A brick wall. Suddenly a section rolls sideways like a stone, and a winged angel sits upon it. A brilliant light pours from the opening, which frames Jesus, from the garden of God. Flash text which reads, "Love Your Enemies".

We must be strong enough To pity those in the wrong
Though we've been scorned In our hearts love belongs

16. Strike chain

A man strikes a woman who turns and strikes still another man who turns and strikes young man. But young man just turns his head slightly to present the other cheek. The man who struck him, and the two behind, look at the young man uncertainly. Flash text, "Do Good To Those Who Abuse You".

Why must we be cruel Shun those not the same
Why do we fan the fire that Burns souls in lonely flame

17.  Rejection montage

Bellows fan a forge heating that "Reject" iron.
A group of white chickens attack a red one.
Bellows fan a forge heating that "Reject" iron.
Camera follows young man through mall, where people turn & stare

If we rise above the evil and Return to them good
The change will start On where our love stood
Yes rise above the evil and Return good.
The change, yes the change will start Where our love stood

18. Crystal stream

Crystal stream flowing out from under the throne of God
Red hot "Reject" iron touches that stream, and is quenched
Snake swallows tail of another snake, who in turn, etc: form ring

Young man walks forward, steps up onto huge Bible, reaches up and breaks 'snake' ring apart.

Freeze frame and fade to black.

The snowball incident ties to the falling snowflakes of the The Donner Party & The LA Riot video.
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