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The voice of our culture speaks to the mass.  It is only a fostered illusion that it regards any individual.  To wrap yourself in its message is to wear a cloak of flame.  Mass media should change its first name.

"Lifted latches" of my front door.

"Rise then fall" takes the door latch image and plays it against our individual expectations.

"Famine vapors" of an empty house, and the hunger to hear a human voice, even from disembodied tv personalities.

"Drifted desert" of night shadows, of the accumulated isolation that weighs so heavily on me tonight. The metaphor plays off the need for exterior contact to sustain life the way the desert needs periodic rain.

"Turned on a light" is turning on the tv just to break the isolation and hear another person's voice.

"Shifted shadows to the wall" is that the shadows had lain on the floor from the overhead light, but the light from the tv now throws shadows on the walls. The image here is that of a shadow show, the actual objects being behind a screen. This is also a play on the cave in Plato's Republic. At a tangent, this also ties to the lives transferred to the Vietnam Memorial.

"Fearing what they'd write" plays on the shadows on the wall and the handwriting on the Babylonian wall.

"Gifted gallow handed scrawl" is that the tv seems quite talented in making it's handwriting on the wall display gruesome images. This also plays against the judgement on the Babylonian wall.

"Medea Media" plays Medea, a character in Greek mythology, against the technology of the media and it's host of vile images and ideas. When violence is served up as entertainment, it may be my brother who is cut down by that violence. When perversity is pasteurized, it may be my children who fall victim. Images and ideas come back at us in the real world. Yet dishonesty and violence and infidelity and a host of other immoralities continue to be pumped into the global bloodstream.

A parade of people speaking for the media say the link between behavior and their product has not been established. Really? Is that what you tell your advertisers? Are you trying to use words to persuade us words are not important? Please stop taking us for fools.

As for the news, isn't the news to report the facts? Oh yes, after pulling the facts through the sieve of a ratings poll. Ten billion events a day and they report ten. Just the facts indeed.

You will hear people in the media say they just give the people what they want. Why then do the majority of new entertainment products fail? Why then do they get blindsided by news event after event? Why then is it so common for self-promoting psychopaths and terrorists to lead them around by the nose? This is what the public wants? Further, this justification is also used by the porn industry and cocaine cartels, so of itself it hardly describes a path down the high moral road.

"Keepers in the public square" is that the media, with the wizardry of communication technologies, has essentially become the public square, the forum of social debate. Are they worthy of this responsibility?

"Why do you pretend to care" is that while the media waxes eloquent about social responsibility, their products make their words look like lies.

"The light I fought was wrought of twisted steel" is that the images beamed at me were designed to deceive me into believing stupid things, like there being nothing worse than spotty dishes.  Or that sex with a stranger picked up in a bar is a simple matter of an evening's pleasure.  Or that if your foe is bad enough, any level of violence against them is fine.  Or that morality is a private matter without objective standards.  If I let these corrupt messages close to me, they would twist a knife between my ribs.

"Slanted blade crusade takes no appeal" is that the messages all cut the same way, despite the pompous puffing about their 'balance' and 'objectivity', and that this crusade is run by power generals far removed from my objections.  It is interesting to see how what they do impacts my individual worldview, but they only hear masses. My ability to leave a comment on their websites hardly levels the field.

"Sight I caught then turned and sought my soul" is that the images I see stick in my mind. There is a tremendous 'half life' to the display of these sick actions.

"Glass grenade patrol" is that this glass screen stands at a distance and lobs all manner of things into my house that explode in cutting shards of abuse and discord and divorce and addiction.

"Glancing blow intentions tapping sin" is that when the media addresses the world's ills, they deliberately tap around the issue of sin like a white cane, then brag about how they go right to the jugular of a story. The image here is tapping a fingernail on a glass tv screen as an illusion of contact. The heart of the matter, our refusal of God's authority, is the only remaining TV taboo.

"Strife with new dimensions and chagrin" is that our 'freedom' has brought us entire new realms of conflict and regret rather than some utopian bliss.

"Dancing dark reflections enter in" to my eyes, enticing. A particular woe is how media gives babysitter-TV-children ideas they would never have been able to conceive on their own.

"No directions" is no values, no guidance; moral chaos. No guidance, that is, except marginal dissatisfaction and self-envy.

"Spin" is a play on running around the channels, wandering instead of searching, and on the parade of speakers twisting events to their desired interpretation.

"Veil before my eyes" plays on the veil around the holy of holies and our vicarious society. The veil of lies that materialism and hedonism are roads to fulfillment.

"Really touch" is the need to make contact with genuine reality instead of the plastic dreamworld beamed at me from what can hardly any more be called the happiness machine.

"Drive to know have grown so stale" is that it seems sometimes the hunger for Truth has become old fashioned to our culture as it lives for the latest thrill.

"Mute" is that in our global culture I feel without voice. The tv speaks but does not listen.

"Rootless tale" is that without any standards, without foundation, no construct can stand.

"When did the longing change" from wanting Truth to wanting what makes me feel special?

"Entice with all things strange" is that the modern quest seems to commonly run off in the wildest directions. Middle-aged middle-class people posturing shamanism? Aliens crash landed in volcanos? Channeling? Astrology?

"Those who'd be wise but still are fools" is that the fool has said in his heart there is no God, and that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The tragedy is that so many people who stand above the brute beasts all too common in our world, who know enough to seek wisdom, instead find deceptions and bondage.

"Another snare" ties to Passtimes.

A lone song will of course never present a balanced viewpoint. Not all the features of modern media are destructive. Lost in the fog of the putrid media is a fraction of educational value. Not to mention media's high moral worth, which is to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

It is plain that this song is hardly a blanket condemnation of media. The song is itself part of the media. This song is a view on the overarching bias so obvious when the media is taken as a whole.

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