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For the redeemed, many forms of sin are so obviously evil that we easily fall prey to a spirit of condemnation. We must keep in mind that the lost are slaves to sin, incapable of escaping its chain. But we who have been reborn entirely without any merit on our part are in a poor position indeed to condemn anyone. Of course, compassion for the lost does not equal tolerance for sin. What God calls sin we dare not call otherwise. But warning a loved one of peril is far removed from jeering at another's distress.

" In control" is what a person wallowing in sin is not.

"Satisfies" is what sin does not do. This is the lie of hedonism. There are itches that only get worse when scratched.

" Reenacted " is that restless people meeting to 'blow off steam' is an ancient ritual. The dance of sin is an old classic.

"Change of cast" is that the only things that have really changed are the individuals partying.

"Measure" describes a unit of music, and plays on "ruler" in the next stanza.

"Groove" is music that calls for one to dance and a (now archaic) reference to LP grooves, but is also the rut in which human behavior is stuck despite massive technological change.

Don't be fooled by all the modern talk of how everything is changing. People are born and die, love and lie, give and steal, hurt and heal, despair and dream, proclaim and scheme as they have since the Fall. Of course external circumstances change. They always have. The only thing utterly new is a generation so arrogant as to think they invented change, and that this gives them the license to throw away ' arcane ' things like family when it fails to fit their vision of ' progress'.

Satan is the one " who plays the song" and the "ruler", which plays on Satan having the measure of humanity.

'' Hoping to forget" the emptiness inside, and all the sad things they've done to fill it.

" They already feel" does not mean all lost people know they need Jesus, though some do. Rather, this means their heart of hearts feels the lack of God at its core, and is seeking meaning in this life, though many have largely given up the search in despair.

" Sin's slave" is that people sin because that is human nature. But before you think this means it's ok, remember that death, decay, and Hell are also 'natural'.

Original sin is "Adam's mad debt".

" To condemn" is that we have not been set free in order to mock those still in chains, but rather to free them. Yet, in our wishy washy feel good what are ethics anyway age, it must be said this does not mean pretending the chains do not exist.

"West Point Cadet" relates to how a soldier is trained to obey by being ordered to do things they'd not choose to do. In the Academy, this point is driven home quite distinctly to plebes.