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A mirror is a tool of self perception both joyous and agonizing. I am alive but I am not all I wish to be. When we confront our reality, we see the mystery of our intrinsic worth. But we also see our material inability to break free of the causal chain into Truth.

If we consider for even a moment, we cannot help but marvel at our existence. Yet we also cannot help but be dismayed to find this self flawed where we had imagined ourselves whole, weak where we had hoped to be strong, corrupt where we had believed ourselves noble. The dark light that burns our eyes contends with our desire to love and respect (wrote this long before DVD of that name) ourselves. To deny either is to lie, to accept either without reservation is to fall into bottomless despair or insufferable conceit. Yet this crushing confrontation is essential to any hope of victory over one's secret evil.

Now, instead of seeing a photo of my past, I see a reflection of my present. The reflections are in conflict, ugly and beauty. In the context of our target audience, it often happens that the gifted swing between egoism and self-loathing. The 'egomaniac with an inferiority complex'. The instability of bouncing between these extremes can so grossly distort self-perception as to become destructive, even fatal.

"Time hardly mends" is that mere passage of time might take the edge off the pain, but it certainly has not removed it. Also, there is a crushing effect to chronic pain unattainable by the acute.

"Expression you intend" is that while we are thinking about inner things, people see our outward manifestation. In context this is the young man seeing the accumulated humiliations of his life peering out from behind his eyes.

" Harmony " is that our efforts to be whole fall utterly short.

"Didn't see the mystery" means I sold myself cheap. One area where this is particularly prevalent relates to existential isolation and our attempts to overcome it. Sex is to be the last unfolding of the self instead of a casual opening handshake. In that light, this line is a sorrow over passing around something whose value was not understood, of sinning against your own self.

"We live in the Time" relates to Time being a tyrant.

"This amber" is the mirror, where it seems a moment of time is captured in an image of self perception.

"Begin to blend" ties to October Dream.

"Thunder of great thoughts" is the array of human ideas and works, the products of genius like those of Mozart, Dante, Gandhi, King, Douglass, and Keats. Note this is not the lightning, which is the great thoughts themselves.

"Trace but not erase" ties to the modern malaise of being able to diagnose but not cure. Knowing the human condition is a prerequisite to finding Truth, but is not Truth itself.

"With you that I contend" is that the pride of life within me is the obstacle, because that pride encourages me to refuse to submit to Jesus, either the first time to accept salvation or afterward in the essential daily dying to self.

"I will be beauty once again" is Adam's former clothing of glory will one day be fully mine.

"Forest of the dream" is that dreams are our thought reflected, bounced back at us like echoes. And like a type of sonar, these echoes reveal the hidden terrain, a landscape crowded with primal images. As a bit of an aside, notice God is heavily invested in trees.

"How you change" is being reborn a living spirit through Jesus' redemption.

"Yet remain me" is that the mind continues to need renewal, the soul to be restored. It is also a deliberate rejection of the postmodern ideology that we have no self.

Against the Curse of Vision In Hell line, "pray she's wearing", is this song's response that tonight Medusa is not wearing any disguise. This in turn ties to The Dark Wall line, "lives turned to stone". Also note we will be resurrected, not divinely cloned from God's memory as some cults assert.

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Prior Description Song 9 DESCRIPTION - Mirror My Old Enemy & Friend Next Description
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